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April 10, 2008, 03:27:38 PM
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In Memory

     In Memory of Our Brothers and Sisters Who Have gone Before Us.....

Latest News
CUFSnorth is Restarting Its Munch!

That's right - now that we have moved back to Maine, we have been asked to restart the famous CUFS Portland Munch!

We have also decided to establish an Augusta, Maine, CUFS Munch, as Augusta has long been an area without any established munch.

When it comes to Munches, our primary goal has always been to provide a meeting space that allows open discussion, while still allowing newbies to feel safe and comfortable.

We are currently in the process of scouting out locations, and hope to have munches established by mid Spring.  if you have a suggestion for a location, or questions about our Munch structure, please email us at:

BDSM Classes are Coming Back, Also!

In the coming months, we also hope to reestablish BDSM classes for the community.  Current plan is to offer one or two classes in a single day, every 3-4 months.  Most likely, we will rotate classes between Portland and Augusta.  If you have a suggestion for a class, or would like to offer your services as an instructor, please email us.  We'd like to offer beginner as well as advanced classes.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming social or educational opportunities!

Mistress Ren and lafayette


We Support:

This Organization proudly supports
Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont
Sexual Assault Centers and Domestic Violence Agencies.


Support Stalking Awareness

Know the difference between loving, consensual relationships and abuse.

For more information, read our BDSM vs. Abuse pamphlet.



Proud Supporter of

The National Leather Association - International's Domestic Violence Project

Renée Michaud Cabaup (Mistress Ren)
New England Regional Coordinator


 CUFSnorth Also Supports:


Lifestyle Abuse Survivors Together


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