What A Day:

My Experience with Suspension Bondage

by Monorail, February 2, 2002

Where to start?  What a transformation.  This shy guy, took off all his clothes in the middle of the room, with 2 women present, and put on the torso harness like a pair of overalls.  Worse, or better, it took a little doing to get the cock and balls through the 2Ē ring. 

I think this sequence started Sunday, at the munch after the FFF, when aleyna asked me if I would model my new harness in a photo shoot. Come to think of it, who told her about it?  I think it took me about 3 seconds to say yes.  Several emails later, on Thursday, aleyna and I were planning on going to the Bangor events together this coming Saturday.  This fell apart and aleyna indicated instead she was doing a photo shoot locally on Saturday. I indicated an interest and subsequently, to my delight, was invited.  I arrived and eventually began to realize that I seemed to be the only active sub.  3 Doms, 1 sub photographer, 1 sub victim.   I think the realization of the odds grew as the afternoon progressed and it dawned on me that the other two subs expected could not make the shoot. 

My difficulty in reconstructing the day less than 24 hours later may give one an idea of how spaced out I was.  At the time, I did not think I was spaced out, but the Doms present knew better I think.

I think the first sequence was I got to serve the Master by kneeling beside him to zip his chaps.  He then collared and cuffed my wrists behind me.  At some point this sequence ended by releasing my hands. That scene meant a lot to me.  Thinking about it later, this sent me well along the path to sub space.

The next sequence I had small, but for me very significant part, serving the Mistress. That adoring/dominant look we exchanged sent me even further along the sub space path.

There was another sequence that I am embarrassed to say I donít remember much about. I think the Master and Mistress did some singletail shots. I sat around quite comfortably dressed in the harness and jock with everyone else clothed and I never gave it a thought. 

We than set up for the Japanese rope bondage scene.  When directed by the Master, I stripped to the leather jock and sat on the table.  The Master tied my arms parallel behind my back then built a harness about my upper torso. After he repositioned me kneeling up he harnessed my lower torso and lower thighs.  While in this kneeling up position, the Mistress joined me kneeling on the table because she could see me wavering and was concerned that I might fall.  My thinking at the time was unnecessary but nice.  In recalling all this later, probably a very good idea. I must have already been space out. 

The Master, after doing some preparations across the room, had me lean over his shoulder, while he picked me from the kneeling position and set my feet on the floor.  He then led me to the suspension site with a firm grip on the upper torso harness.  I stood there a while, wavering a bit, then was told to lean forward and let the harness take over.  Then my hips and thighs were hoisted and I was flying, face down.  My arms were suffering a bit and were massaged then they told me they were going to let me down.  Even though my arms hurt a bit, I really wanted to stay there longer.  I was lowered feet and hips first, then the upper torso so I could sit Indian fashion on the floor.  The ropes were untied and removed slowly with a very sensuous feeling. Wrapped in a soft blanket, I sat there for a while being massaged and rubbed by both Master and Mistress before I was allowed to stand up.  Oh, what a trip.  I was told afterward that the whole scene was about two hours.  Canít tell by me.  It was over far too soon.

Much of the rest of the afternoon passed in a blur.

I was frequently asked how I felt, both during and after the scene itself.  I even felt a bit annoyed or self-conscious now and then, though I knew it was of concern for my well being.

I need to mention that the HERO of the day was the Photographer, aleyna who kept taking pictures while I enjoyed being the only sub.  I owe you aleyna.


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