The Universal '1 to 10' Intensity Code

By Mistress Ren

The 1 to 10 Intensity code exists to give the Dominant an idea of the amount of pain/sensation the submissive is feeling from a particular implement. It is used whenever trying out new toys for the first time, when playing with an unfamiliar partner, or when playing with somebody who has different reactions to the same toys on different occasions.

The code is universal in the BDSM community, whether you are on the West Coast or the East. It is recognized in BDSM clubs and dungeons and is considered the best and easiest way to help learn about a partner's reactions to toys and their effects.

The code works the same way as it would at the doctor's office......for example, if you have a pain in your back, the doctor asks you how it feels, on a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being no or very little pain at all, 10 being unbearable.

The code is no different in BDSM - Number 1 on the code indicates that the sub feel almost no pain/sensation from the toy being used....number 10 indicates that the toy is too much to bear. Using this code, the Dominant can adjust the intensity of the implement to gage a comfortable 'zone' for the submissive.

Depending on the sub, an indication of 5 to 8 is preferred - however, occasionally, a Dominant will run into a true masochist, who prefers to keep the intensity at 10.

The code should be applied often during the scene, especially when switching implements, or whenever endorphins are flowing, as the intensity levels will change.


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