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Shirts may be purchased at our vendor table at the Bi-Annual Fetish Fair Fleamarket, Boston, MA


CUFSmaine Embroidered Polo Shirts and T-Shirts

The Infamous CUFSmaine Lobster T-shirts

CUFSmaine Embroidered Shirts

CUFSmaine members asked for a simple shirt they could wear anywhere - something devoid of symbols that would 'give away' their preferences.....and thus, our new group shirt was born.   :)

Shirts come in black with 'CUFSmaine' embroidered in teal - one of our signature colors.


CUFSmaine Embroidered Polo Shirts

(Photos coming Soon!)

Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large - $25.00

XX-Large - $28.00


CUFSmaine Embroidered T-Shirts 

(Photos coming Soon!)

Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large - $18.00

XX-Large - $20.00

The Infamous CUFSmaine Lobster T-shirts

The Story Behind The Infamous Lobster Shirts......   :)

We were sitting around CUFS Central one day, LesVoiles, myself, and the household slaves, trying to figure out a way to make some extra money for the organization......

"We could have a bake sale..." suggested number two.

"No," said number four, "We should do a car wash...then we could all wear our g-strings..."

"Oh! Oh!  I know!" cried number six, jumping up and down in excitement, "We can do a calendar!  The 'submissives of CUFSmaine!'"

"No, no, NO!" declared number three. "Remember, we run an upstanding organization!  We can't do anything tawdry or cheesy!"

number five cautiously raised his hand.  "Perhaps we could have a slave auction??" he asked timidly.

Five sets of eager eyes looked toward Me, LesVoiles, and our lead submissive, number one.  

"I believe,' said number one, in his usual calm manner born of years of submissive experience, "that the decision is the Master and Mistress's."

LesVoiles laughed.  "That statement sounds like something we should put on a Dominant T-shirt!"

LesVoiles and I looked at each other for a long time...and finally we had it......


Well....almost.  This is Maine....and what would a Maine T-Shirt be without a lobster??

So we have taken our favorite dinner critter and adapted him for BDSM usage........

Have you ever seen a better set of nipple clamps??


All T-Shirts are 100% Black Preshrunk Heavyweight Cotton

Design Colors - white outline and red lobster

Shirts are almost symmetrical with body anatomy for that 'realistic' look.    :)

Men's T-Shirt

Design: CUFSmaine, Inc., 1999
Photo: CUFSmaine 2002      

NOTE TO PURCHASER - for those of you in a jovial mood....women have been known to purchase the male T-shirt for themselves......hey...we're a kinky crowd...we can basically wear whatever we want!    :)

2nd NOTE TO PURCHASER - all proceeds from the sale of T-shirts  help CUFSmaine, Inc. continue its educational programs within the state of Maine - these programs include sending information regarding BDSM/Alternative lifestyles to hospitals and social services, as well as mailings to law offices and other resources for those involved in the lifestyle.


X-Large - $15.00

XX-Large -$16.00 


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