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Submissive Women Kvetch: Informative and humorous site by Jay Wiseman

subNATION: Excellent site, with information and links for submissives.

subSpace: Excellent submissive resource area in Castle Realm.

Submissive Rights:  Yes, submissives DO have rights...written by the Screamer

Nine Levels of Dominance and submission  A thoughtful observation, written by Donna Vera, on submissives, slaves, and the varying degrees of play partners in between.

Latches:  Support for the R/T experienced submissive woman

Submissive Women Speak A submissive women's site by submissive women.

SIEVE:  Members only female submissive support and education forum  Maine based list for submissives, slaves, bottoms, and switches (in the submissive role).



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