BDSM Resume for submissives

When first meeting or contacting a Dominant, sometimes the easiest way to make a preliminary introduction is with a resume similar to that you would use for a job interview.

Below is a sample resume, filled out to give some ideas.

A blank copy can be found further down on the page and copied for your use.

This resume is not intended to take the place of conversation and negotiation.  It is to be used as a starting tool to determine compatibility.



Text in teal are sample answers only.

~~ submissive Resume ~~

 Personal Information

Scene name/name: seekingsub

Sex:  male

my age:  30 years old

BDSM role: submissive will switch if ordered


Location:  Portland, Maine

Marital status: divorced and dating

Physical attributes: 511, 200 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes, in good physical shape

Disease free: yes

Last tested: 7-1-05

Practice safe sex:  yes

Smoker/non-smoker: non-smoker

Alcohol/drug use: 1-2 beers a day, drug free

Medical conditions/disabilities: left knee injury

Allergies: none


Optional Information

Name:  matt

Occupation: firefighter

Other interests/hobbies:  Cooking, badminton, Pez dispenser collector.

A little bit about myself:  i was born in Oklahoma, where i lived most of my life.  i moved to Portland five years ago.  i enjoy cooking and i especially enjoy working with chocolate.


 BDSM Information

What i seek:  i seek a Domme interested in the softer sides of BDSM, who would like an occasional submissive partner for physical and mental enjoyment as well as social companionship.

Years interested in submission:  since I was a teen

Time actively involved in BDSM: 2 years

BDSM interests: bondage, sensual flogging, light humiliation, spanking, nipple torture

Hard limits:  scat, watersports, needleplay, breathplay, tickling

Soft limits: caning, cbt, crossdressing

Safewords: yes

Groups i belong to or Munches i attend CUFSmaine, ALUR, NELA

Classes/seminars/training i have received:  basic submission, roleplay, French cooking

Special skills:  massages, pedicures, manicures, carpentry, auto mechanics, cooking

Why I should be considered:  I am an extremely attentive submissive who excels at personal service and enjoys pampering my Mistress.

BDSM references,,

My email:


submissive Resume


Personal Information

Scene name/name:


my age:

BDSM role:



Marital status:

Physical attributes:

Disease free:

Last tested:

Practice safe sex:


Alcohol/drug use:

Medical conditions/disabilities:



Optional Information



Other interests/hobbies:

A little bit about myself:


BDSM Information

What i seek:

Years interested in submission:

Time actively involved in BDSM:

BDSM interests:

Hard limits:

Soft limits:


Groups i belong to or Munches i attend:

Classes/seminars/training i have received:

Special skills:

Why I should be considered:

BDSM references:

My email: 




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