Safety Violations

Safe, Sane and Consensual is the creed by which all BDSM and Alternative Lifestyle activities are conducted.

Violators of SSC risk being removed from the CUFS organization and of other members being alerted of their unsafe practices.  Those who violate the law will face civil / criminal action.   

        So what kinds of violations are we talking about?  These are the big ones, folks, such as:

  • Harassment 
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Partner abuse (domestic violence - physical and emotional)
  • Stalking
  • Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Intimidation
  • Detaining someone against their will
  • Lying about having HIV, AIDS, or any other STD
  • Pedophilia (sex with a child)
  • Necrophilia (sex with the deceased)
  • Zoophilia (sex with your doggie)


What WON'T get you removed from CUFSmaine......


Accidentally flogging or hitting your partner where you didn't intend to....

We've all missed our mark at one time or another.  We all feel REALLY bad when the flogger tail wraps around and hits our sub in the face...but it is an ACCIDENT.  Mistakes happen.  They are unintended.  We feel like an an incompetent boob, we apologize, we cuddle our sub...and we move on.


Lying to your partner about (choose one of the following options) being married, not having kids, not having other partners, being wealthy, being good-looking, etc....

Lying won't get you kicked out of CUFS...but it does make you a big jerk.  

That aside, if you lie to your partner..."You're my only partner (on Monday nights)...there's nobody else but you (on Monday nights), "  then God help you with your partner.....but you are not a criminal and not in danger of being thrown out of CUFSmaine.


What if somebody has a vendetta against me and accuses me of something I have not done?  Will I get thrown out of CUFSmaine or have the police calling me?

At CUFSmaine, we never consider action against a member UNLESS we get MULTIPLE similar and credible complaints against them from different people. Our experience is that one complaint may have resulted from a personal argument, however, truly unsafe players usually generate complaints from many people.  

Before deciding to remove a member, we (Ren and LesVoiles - and eventually the CUFSmaine committee) speak to all parties making the complaints, THEN make our decision.  We NEVER make a decision without speaking to all complaining parties first. We also discuss all situations with other community leaders to get an 'outside' point of view.

As far as the police...unless you have committed a criminal act, such as rape, stalking, harassment, or the others outlined above, the police will not be knocking at your door.

So....if you have recently dumped your submissive or told your Dom to take a hike, and fear they will start saying nasty things to us about you, don't fret.  


If I say I think Ren and lafayette are idiots, will I get axed?

Well.....we certainly won't be inviting you to dinner anytime soon...but you will not get axed. We all have differing opinions of each other...some folks get along, some don't.  CUFSmaine consists of many people.  Don't worry....we'll find somebody to invite to dinner  :)


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