Safety Equipment and Suggestions

By Mistress Ren


In Case Of Medical Emergency

First Aid Kit
Every scene player should have a first aid kit in their toy bag, their dungeon space, and their home. First aid kits are available in drug, grocery, department, and outlet stores. 

First Aid Book
I personally think everyone involved in the scene should take a first aid class, however, a basic first aid book is better than nothing. It should be kept with your first aid kit - I recommend attaching it to the kit with a couple sturdy rubber bands.

List With Important Medical Information
This list should include the local fire, police, and ambulance, as well as the names of each partner's personal physician. If you or your partner have any allergies or medical problems, they should also be written on this list, as well as any medications either of you are taking. This list should be kept near a phone while you are playing. A copy of this list should also be kept in your purse, wallet, or toy bag, especially if you are traveling or away from home.

Names Of Emergency Contacts
The names and phone numbers for your safety people should be kept handy, in case they need to be contacted in an emergency. If you and your partner no longer use a safety person, keep emergency contact information (family, friend, etc.) in an envelope to be given to hospital personal - be sure your partner knows where this info is! We recommend keeping it in your purse, wallet, toy bag, or have it sitting with your list of emergency medical info.

In Case Of Scene Emergency

EMT Scissors
These heavy-duty scissors can be found in uniform shops and pharmacies, as well as BDSM catalogs and shops. They range in price from $9.99 to $20.00, depending on the handle color and design. They are capable of cutting thick rope, leather, canvas, and other heavy and dense materials. These scissors are a must have when playing.

Panic Snaps
Sold primarily by BDSM distributors and also sold in tack and equestrian shops, these snaps are especially useful in overhead bondage, but can be used in any bondage situation where the submissive is attached to an object. The snaps, when the 'body' area is pulled in a downward motion, open the upper clasp and allow the submissive instant release from the surface they are tied to. Panic snaps are especially good during medical emergencies, as well as other times when a submissive needs to be freed quickly - the snaps will open reliably, even under the tension and weight of an unconscious submissive.

Spare Keys, And More Spare keys!
Always have at least 3 sets of keys to handcuffs, padlocks, leg shackles and other devices requiring a key to open. I recommend keeping one set with your toys, another set on your person and another in a safe place within your home. You can never have too many spare sets of keys!

Bolt Cutters
Found in hardware stores, bolt cutters are especially important for folks who like to play with chains, padlocks, and handcuffs. They should be kept in an easy to reach area (like under the bed - NOT in the basement or shed!) in case of emergency.

A Flashlight
You never know when there is going to be a power failure. Have a flashlight nearby so you aren't fumbling in the dark to try and release your submissive!

Cleaning Solutions

Anti-bacterial Hand Wipes
In the event that you are sceneing someplace without access to soap and water; it is a good idea to carry a small container of anti-bacterial wipes. Wipes can be used in place of washing toys in soap and water before disinfecting them. Wipes are also good in event of medical emergencies if a wound needs cleaning.

Isopropyl Alcohol 70% or 90%
This rubbing alcohol is used for cleaning toys, gags, etc., after they have been washed with warm soap and water. It is also an effective germ killer in the event of cuts, scrapes or any small opening to the skin. Isopropyl kills many common germs, including the AIDS virus.

Bleach Solution
This solution is excellent for cleaning toys, gags, etc. Unlike Isopropyl Alcohol, this solution kills ALL germs, including the AIDS virus. It is the preferred method for cleaning toys that have been inserted within the body. Mix 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. Toys may be sprayed with the solution after cleaning with soap and water, however, if they can be inserted in the solution, it is better.

Safe Sex

Condoms should always be used between partners who are having intercourse or anal sex. Condoms, when used properly, can protect you from the transference of STDs, including the AIDS virus, and, if directions are followed precisely, prevent pregnancy. Condoms are also used to cover internal toys, such as dildos and vibrators. Covering toys before inserting them protects the submissive from germs on the toy, and the toy from picking up germs from the submissive. Be Aware: Condoms become brittle as they age, so be sure to keep track of the 'expiration date.' You should NEVER use condoms that have passed their expiration date, as they are highly prone to breakage.

Dental Dams
Used to avoid contact with vaginal secretions while performing oral sex. They are available in some higher end specialty pharmacies; however, the best place to obtain them without embarrassing conversations is through a BDSM retail dealer. An inexpensive alternative for dental dams is regular household cellophane wrap. A large piece doubled or tripled over will provide protection. Be Aware: Dental dams are only effective if the surface is not punctured!

Disposable Rubber Gloves
These can be purchased in any drug store, come in latex or vinyl and come in a variety of sizes to fit you hands. Most have powder in them for easy insertion of your fingers, however, if you are allergic to the powder, they are available without it. Rubber gloves should be worn whenever your hands and fingers will be in contact with bodily secretions. Use only professional medical quality gloves that meet ASTM standards. Store them in a cool, dark, dry place. Be Aware: Like condoms, rubber gloves that are old are prone to breaking. Replace your box of rubber gloves if they seem stiff and brittle or if they are sticking to one another.

Personal Comfort

Invest in some good WATER BASED lube for both condoms and rubber gloves. Some good ones on the market include ID, Astroglide, and Slippery Stuff. These can be purchased at any adult shop and through BDSM retail distributors. If you cannot find these, good old fashioned K-Y jelly does the trick. It can be found in your local drugstore. Oil based lubes (such as Vaseline) will destroy condoms, rubber and latex gloves, and dental dams and should be avoided!

Personal Peace of Mind

Have your own 'personal' toy collection
To prevent the spread of diseases from person to person, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND having a collection of internal toys (dildos, vibrators, anal beads, etc.) and gags that are yours and yours alone. As always, these toys should be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Sharing toys that have not been properly cleaned is one of the leading ways to catch STDs and bacterial infections.

Take a CPR Class
It is my personal belief that EVERYONE involved in the scene should be trained in CPR! CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is especially important if you are playing with an older partner or a partner who has heart disease (history of heart attacks, implanted pacemakers or defibrillators), epilepsy, or respiratory problems (such as asthma). Once the heart stops pumping, if CPR is not performed, there is a three minute window before brain damage occurs. If you are able to perform CPR while an ambulance is on route, you may very well save a life. Usually a standard adult CPR class will suffice for BDSM related activities, however, if you prefer to take a full course, you will learn infant, and child CPR as well as the Heimlich Maneuver for choking victims. CPR certification should be renewed every year. 

Take a Basic First Aid Class
Accidents happen … everything from strained joints and pulled muscles to cuts, fainting, and hyperventilating. A basic first aid course can teach you how to manage most small emergencies as well as teach to how to keep an injured person from going into shock as you wait for an ambulance. It is my personal feeling that EVERYONE involved in the scene be certified in basic first aid!

Remember….have fun…and play safe!


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