The New England Safe Call Network

All individuals listed on this page are available as safe calls.  

Each individual lives in a different area of the state and is the primary safe call person for that area.  

If the individual in your area is not available, any other volunteer can help you.

To set up a safe call:

Please contact the individual via e-mail, using "New England Safe Call Network" as the subject of the e-mail,  to exchange information and telephone numbers.  

All safety information will be negotiated between you and your safe call contact.

Procedures for volunteers:

If a safe call is not made within 1/2 hour of when it is scheduled, the volunteer should call the location of the meeting or the individual's cell phone to assure that everything is OK.  

If there is no answer or the person cannot be located, the safe call volunteer MUST be capable of and willing to contact authorities.  

Any deviations from these procedures must be negotiated beforehand between you and your safe call.

If you wish to volunteer:

Please contact:  

Volunteers must be willing to share a home or cell phone number with the safe call and must be reachable for the caller during the time of the meeting.  

Also, volunteers MUST be willing to call the police or emergency services if the expected safe call is not made.



Mistress Ren & lafayette{Ren} Grafton / Coos / Carroll counties, New Hampshire
LesVoiles Midcoast Region, Maine
Diana Kittery, Maine - 
Seacoast New Hampshire 
Heidi Brewer/Bangor, Maine
Bert Portland, Maine
SteelSkys Alabama, Connecticut 
Angel Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
Seattle, WA



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