What About Play Parties??

CUFSmaine has a lot to offer - but what about Play Parties??

CUFSmaine is a support, education, and social group.  Our primary goal is to introduce BDSMers to others who share their diverse sexuality, to educate the BDSM and vanilla public about BDSM/Alternative sexuality, and to teach BDSMers to play safely - both physically and mentally.  We DO NOT host play parties or play events.

But isn't a Play Party a 'social' event??

LOL Yes they are...but we offer non-play social events, like Munches, support groups, and other non-play events.  We feel it is far more important for folks to find camaraderie BEFORE they find play partners.  Partners come and go...but good friendships last and help people get through the rough spots encountered in relationships.

Is there play at the Munch?

A munch by definition is a non-play social event...so the answer is no.

Are there any other reasons you don't hold Play Parties?

Yes.  We are a non-profit State of Maine organization, and part of our goals in fighting for acceptance of BDSM and Alternative sexuality include talking to and giving lectures to hospitals, police departments, and social service agencies.  It is our personal feeling that, if we were to offer parties - which the vanilla world mistakenly refers to as 'sex parties' - we would hamper our mission.  

We are working  hard to secure YOUR rights to have parties at your home or at rental spaces (such as hotel convention centers, etc.) and to assure that you will not be harassed, bothered, or arrested for 'abuse.'  We feel that our purpose is to work in the front trenches with various agencies to educate the misconceptions surrounding BDSM.  We do not feel that our hosting play parties will help us in that goal.  

Play parties ARE an important part of the community - they are excellent venues for socialization and are usually the one place where newbies can learn about BDSM in a safe, controlled atmosphere.  We support people's rights, and other group's rights, to have parties....we just don't throw them ourselves.

So......How am I supposed to Play?

We firmly believe that what you do in the privacy of your own home, a hotel room, or a private BDSM club is up to you.  We will gladly introduce you to new friends in the scene, and offer classes on engaging in SSC activities - but it is up to you to find the place and time.

How do I get invited to Play Parties?

You have to know the people running the parties,...and the only way to accomplish that is to get out of the house and network!  As you get to know people in the BDSM realm, and they grow comfortable with you, you will find invitations coming your way.

Are you POSITIVE you won't ever host Play Parties??

Yes.  We are positive.

Do you have any 'pull' to get me into a Play Party?

LOL  Afraid not.  Most parties are held in private homes, and while we do hear about some of them, we have no pull to get anyone invited.  Again...you must get out and make friends and network...it is the only way. 

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