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CUFSmaine, Inc.
PO Box 833
Littleton, NH  03561

A State of Maine Nonprofit Organization

CUFSmaine prides itself on its ongoing efforts to educate all communities about BDSM and Alternative Lifestyles through lectures, written materials, and example.  

CUFSmaine Presentations - Members of our board of Trustees are available for speaking engagements in hospitals, police departments, social service agencies, etc.  CUFSmaine gladly does this service for free, however donations to continue our work are greatly appreciated.  For more information, please contact Renée Michaud Cabaup, President, at: 

Our presentation includes discussion on the follow topics:

  • What exactly is BDSM?
  • BDSM as a sexual orientation
  • BDSM in Maine, New Hampshire, and New England
  • People who practice BDSM - who we are and who we aren't
  • BDSM and the Law
  • Fears of BDSM practitioners
  • Mainstream stigmas towards those who practice BDSM
  • What BDSM practitioners want people to understand about them
  • Brief overview of CUFSmaine, Inc and our role in Maine and New Hampshire
  • Question and answer session

Our presentations can be tailored to your time schedule - our standard presentation lasts approximately one hour, not including question and answer period.


CUFSmaine also offers written educational materials to social service agencies, hospitals, police departments, etc.  These materials are available by emailing or writing to our regular mailing address.  All materials are free - donations to the organization to assist us in producing these materials is always appreciated.

Written materials currently available:

BDSM vs. Abuse - A Guide For People Involved in Consensual and Non-Consensual BDSM Activities

"I'm Afraid to Go to the Emergency Room":  Maine Hospital Procedures for Alternative Lifestylers

The Top Ten Myths About BDSM and the People Who Practice It  Separating facts from misconceptions

The BDSM Lifestyle:  A Basic Analysis of The Sadomasochistic Lifestyle And The People Involved


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