The Ms. Boston Leather Experience

By Mr. Joshua's doll, Luna

Now most of you that have seen me in public be it at Munches, classes or at the club know that I am a pretty outgoing person.  No big surprise that when friends of mine from MOB asked me to take part in the First Annual Ms. Boston Leather Contest that I jumped at the opportunity right?


I think I came up with every possible excuse.  I didn't live in Boston, I didn't see myself as a leather woman, even the 'I'm a submissive isn't this for Dom's?' excuse.  My friends saw right through my veiled attempts and I decided to do it.  Granted it also took my Master making sure I filled out the application and sent it in. 

Ms. Boston Leather becomes the spokeswoman not just for the Boston community but the spokeswoman for a lot of leatherwoman in New England.  As a title-holder, you travel a lot, making appearances at various leather events.  You are asked to speak at these events about what you feel is work that needs to take place in the leather community.  You have photographs taken. and you are expected to conduct yourself in a way that promotes a good and honorable reputation for the leatherwomen of the Greater Boston Area and New England. 

The contest took place over a two day period. Thursday night was a meet and greet at the Midway Cafe which has it's weekly Dyke Night where judges and contestants got to meet each other and hang out.  It was wonderful how all six contestants got along right off the bat.  This wasn't some back stabbing ' I'm going to win or else' contest.  We were there to have fun and it showed.  Granted I was the lone fish out of water since I wasn't from the area but I knew enough people to feel comfortable to mingle.  I've never been afraid to meet new people.  

Friday was an entire day of work for us.  The contest took place at the Ramrod (Thank you to our leather brothers for letting us use the space!).  In the afternoon we each had 15 minute interviews with the judges.  Basically interrogation style setting with the contestant on a bar stool surrounded by all 6 judges.  Good thing I'm a sub and actually enjoy that sort of thing. *wink*   We then had a chance to practice our fantasy skits.  Each skit was to be 5 minutes long.  Mr. Joshua, Suzanne and I did a sort of doll comes to life and steals girlfriend from boyfriend scenario. 

By the time the contest started all six of us had become such good friends that we really didn't care who won.  The energy of the place kept us all going.  The place was packed and everybody cheered each of us on.  Kim Airs of Grand Opening kept the audience going as MC with her wonderful stories and open candor.  When all was said and done the winners were chosen.  I took Second runner up, Lady Sapphire of Transitions took First runner up and Sarah was the winner!

I was so happy and personally shocked that I actually placed.  It was so much fun and I look forward to do it again next year.  

Thank You to MOB for sponsoring the event, Transitions for sponsoring me, and everybody in CUFS and in the BDSM community that supported me through the whole thing.  Special thanks to Suzanne for keeping me sane during the contest even when Mr. Joshua arrive 20 seconds before we needed to be on stage and to Mr. Joshua for pushing me to believe I could do it and do a great job and have fun!  You are all wonderful!  If nothing else this whole
event taught me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.




Copyright 2001 Luna, no reproduction without written permission.

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