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General BDSM - New England


CUFSmaine_BDSM_Forum -
An educational and safety forum for members of the Maine and New England BDSM and alternative lifestyle communities.   This forum exists to facilitate discussion, to educate, support, offer information, and assist members. This discussion area is moderated by and in conjunction with CUFSmaine, a non-profit support group in Maine, also serving the New England BDSM community. This is a pansexual, SSC discussion area.   This area is not for casual social chat.   Flaming, insults, and attacks are not allowed.

ALURevents -
This group is for those who want to find out more information about upcoming ALUR events. This list is an open forum for those who are interested or have attended an ALUR event/retreat. This gives you a unique opportunity to talk to others and find out all about the retreats. Feel free to discuss anything and ask questions!
Please check out our website at

MaineBDSM - 
A group for those in Maine and it's surrounding areas that enjoy alternative lifestyles.  We enjoy many topics as long as respect is shown for all. Flaming will not be tolerated. You must be 18 to join.

BDSMmaine - 
This list is a place for kinky people in the area to exchange ideas, pass information, learn from each other, gossip, chat, communicate and have fun getting to know each other, the group, and the lifestyle in general.

It is designed to be a welcoming place, where tolerance and patience is exercised, mutual respect is a by-word and people have a sense of humor.


Northern_Maine_Kinksters -
This is a group for those in the Northern Maine/greater Bangor area (or anywhere else!) to discuss our lifestyle.

We could also be called the NMK- Phoenix since we are reactivating the Northern Maine Kinksters' group that was disbanded a few years ago.

This  link is to our "vacation" home, a place we can retreat to if we get deleted by Yahoo. When you sign up here, please go to the link and sign up there, too. Thanks!

Enjoy your time in YOUR group.

Humiliation Domination / Maine -
We are a group that enjoys the art of dominations and humiliation as well as inescapable restraints. We are located in the Rockland area of beautiful mid-coast Maine. If you wish to join please have a profile filled out and be a participant either in chatting or meeting


New Hampshire

Ds-NewHampshire -
Ds-NewHampshire is a 21+ BD-SM list group, formed to offer support and friendship for those involved in an alternative lifestyle (BD, D/s, SM), and a way to keep in touch between munches. No flaming, spamming or trolling allowed!

DarkstoneDs -
Dominance And Related Kink in Small Towns Of New England

We are a small, private social group in SW New Hampshire.
Membership requires attendance at our socials and meeting our members.
Non-members are welcome to join in our Thursday night chats.
For details visit Our Webpage:

White Mountain D/s -
A group serving the D/s needs of the White Mountains Region of New Hampshire and environs, and providing public munches and more to our members. All open-minded people 21 and over are welcome, providing that you are respectful of others (no spamming or trolling our members). Debate of issues is welcome, however no postings criticizing others on a personal basis are permitted. If you need assistance with a personal issue, please contact a board moderator. Please be sure your yahoo profile states your age before joining. Please note, membership in the Yahoo group does NOT mean membership in WMDS itself. For more information, please visit Thank you!



CVTASK Central VT Adult Society of Kink -
Welcome to CVTASK! We are a D/s group for central Vermont (Rutland/Killington) and surrounding areas. We have monthly munches open to the public for all open minded people over 21 who are interested and/or involved in this alternative lifestyle.

All are welcome here. Upon joining, you MUST have a profile that shows your general location, age. IF YOUR AGE IS NOT IN YOUR PROFILE, YOU WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY - NO EXCEPTIONS - SO DON'T JOIN THIS GROUP IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO DISCLOSE YOUR AGE!! Please post a brief intro. Feel free to post pictures in the photos section and stories or articles relevant to D/s in the files section (NO pictures or posting of anything illegal). Please adhere to the rules: respect others views and opinions; no spamming, flaming or trolling members.

This group has been under New Management since 2005!

VTSocietyofKink -
Greetings, this group is meant to be a discussion forum for those interested in the D/s lifestyle in Vermont and surrounding areas. It is to be a place to share thoughts and ideas, meet others in the lifestyle, and to build a stronger community in the Green Mountain State. Being that the D/s community in Vermont is spread out over a wide area, an online forum will certainly help to bring us all closer together. We are open to any and all with interest in alternative lifestyles: straight, gay, bi, and transexual. All are welcomed, and all respectful thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated. Come in, make yourself at home, enjoy!

** We do ask that those who would like to join have a filled out Yahoo profile including age, location and interest in D/s, B D S M and/or alternative lifestyles. If that information is not on the profile membership will not be granted. **



Bound For Pleasure (BFP) Boston -
"Bound for Pleasure" a New England BDSM social group. This list is open to anyone interested in the Scene. All topics are welcome but anyone not displaying good manners and common sense will be banished. Remember, play nice! This list is NOT for personal ads and trolling but to make friends and network.

mastboston - Masters and slaves Together: Boston -

MAsT: Boston is a discussion/ support group for Gay Men who are interested in or living the Master/slave,Daddy/boy,and Dominant/submissive lifestyle.

We meet monthly in Boston for face-to-face discussion (not play) meetings. One need not be in a relationship to join or attend meetings.

The MAsT: Boston group can be contacted by email:

The group meets the third Tuesday each Month, at the THE ALLEY,14 PI Alley, Court Square, Boston, MA from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM with social time after the meeting.




Connecticut-BDSM -
This is an ADULTS over 21 only mailing list. Dedicated to the Alt Lifestyle people of Connecticut but, all are welcome to join. Topics of discussion will cover but, are not restricted to masters, mistresses, slaves, sub, switches, tops, bottoms, sadomasochists, fetishists, meetings, events in Connecticut, and any other aspect of the lifestyle.

CT-Human-pets -
This egroup is setup for those that have an intrest in human pet play and live in the CT area..
Have you had dreams of riding a human pony or having a human puppy laying at your feet, or maybe it is a human kitty...
Human pet play is softer and more loving loving side of the bdsm lifestyle. The touching grooming and playing with a pet,
They give so much...
They trust you and love you just as any pet would...Welcome all pets and owners...A profile is need to join this group.


Rhode Island

OceanState_D-s -
A newly formed group in the Ocean State of Rhode Island for people interested in the D/s lifestyle. The group is open to anyone interested in meeting people in the area. We will have munches at least once a month. We ask that everyone is respectful of each other and each others differences. We also are committed to being safe and discreet.

BDSM_RI was founded by people for people involved in the BDSM community. Acceptance and tolerance is practiced and all are welcome. Come and discuss all forms of play. Learn and grow from each other. Join each other for coffee and maybe a play party " now and then "


Region Wide

Spanking_Bondage_In_NewEngland -
This Group is for Adults in the New England Area interested in Adult Spanking & Bondage. In whatever context: BDSM, sexual foreplay, roleplaying, or for adult discipline. This is the place to share thoughts and ideas, as well as post a personal message for those of you who are looking for a partner.

NEFH New England Fetish Heaven -
Hedonistic Fetishism in New England
This group is for those in or traveling to New England and the North East (MA, NY, PA, CT, NJ, RI, DE, MD, ME, VT, NH and Eastern Canada) who get into swinging, s/m, b/d, tv, Dom, sub, fetish, goth, naturalist, bi, lesbian, gay, poly and other delightful perversions! No spam or flaming. This group is intended to be a positive non-threatening environment for all members no matter of lifestyle preferences.
Please, NO EMPTY PROFILES! They will be deleted immediately! If you don't want to let us know who you are and what you are into, this is not the group for you.


General BDSM - Other

slavequestions -
This is a group for slaves and those identifying as slaves, and their owners, and Masters. There are no hard and fast rules for etiquette other than be respectful of everyone. You do not need to call all Masters 'Master' ... Sir will do, unless instructed to do otherwise. Third person talking is difficult so please talk normally. Also the A/all type of writing can be distracting so please just write normally also.

This is a place to question, to put personal ads, learn and discuss all issues having to do with Masters/slaves. As mentioned earlier, please be respectful of all, common manners and etiquette will sufice. No flaming, no one accusing anyone else of not being a 'real' Master or slave, as we are all different. Your age, name, and area should be seen in your profile. Age is very important. Thank you for joining slave chambers ... we hope your stay is a happy one. Artwork by Erik Drudwyn. Visit his gallery at 


Dominants Only

NE_Top_Support -
A group for discussion and mutual support of New England Tops and Dominants.

All Tops/Dom/Domme and switches (or those who would like to know more about it) are welcome. Meetings are in a safe, supportive environment for the purpose of education, exploration and resolution of issues with regard to the care and beating of the bottom/submissive.

NEDommes - 
A discussion list for female dominants in the New England area of the US. This list is open only to Dommes, no males or submissives, in order to give Dommes a safe place to discuss those things that DO come up, without worrying about how you'll look to others. No flaming, no insults - just support &; camaraderie. Switches in their Domme mode are also welcome

subs Only

mainesubmissives -
This is a group for submissives who would like a place to chat, be themselves, share the joys and the difficults of being submissive.   This   group is a safe place for male and female submissives, slaves and switches (in the submissive role) to have a place to share and be themselves.

SNHSubSpace Southern New Hampshire SubSpace  -
Support, advice, and information for Southern New Hampshire submissives. All submissives and switches, male and female alike are welcome.


All postings are to be considered confidential, please do not cross post or share postings with those not on the list without permission from the author of the post. This is to be a safe space for discussion, differing opinions are welcome, abuse is not. Play nice and we will all enjoy. Personal ads are not allowed on this site as this is not a place to find a Dom/me or Top to meet your needs. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.






 RIG_Boston Ravishment Interest Group - Boston -
A group for people in the Boston, Massachusetts and New England area interested in ravishment (aka forced sex or fantasy rape roleplay).
Education, mutual support, and news notes of interest.

RavNet -
RavNet (Ravishment Network) is a coalition of people to provide support and education to, and advocacy for, men and women interested in ravishment (aka forced sex role play). We are very often misunderstood even by those in the Fetish community. RavNet's missions are to provide education on safe, consensual roleplay, to provide support for those who enjoy ravishment, and to help others understand our fetish. ONLY THOSE WITH A YAHOO PROFILE SHOWING TO BE OF LEGAL AGE FOR ADULT GROUPS WILL BE APPROVED FOR MEMBERSHIP.
RavNet Executive Committee


NEmunch_calendar -
Calendar for New England Munches

If you'd like yours listed, or if there are inaccuracies (munch moved, changed time, no longer meeting) please let me know -

I'll be happy to list other events as well as munches.

If you are would like to be able to post your group's events to the calendar, contact me and I'll add you as a moderator. (

BDSM_Group_Leaders -
The BGL forum is a supportive and confidential haven where BD/SM and Alternative Lifestyle group/organization/Munch meeting leaders can ask advice, share group information, learn from one another, share ideas, discuss community issues, and 'decompress' (ie: moan and groan) with others who understand the joys and difficulties of running an alternative sexuality organization.

This list is open to those individuals who run groups, organizations, or Munch meetings, and who work exclusively to support, educate, and inform members of the kink, professional, and vanilla communities. This is NOT a forum for people who run play clubs, private parties, BD/SM based commercial businesses, or Professional Dommes. If you have questions about qualifying for the list, please contact the list owner.

Established leaders, presidents, founders, VPs, treasurers, education officers, secretaries, media relations officers, publicity/advertising officers, conflict resolution officers and membership liaisons are welcomed. Participants must be currently involved with the organization they represent.

Flaming, insults, and hostility toward other forum members will NOT be tolerated. *Passionate debates* are allowed as long as they stay on subject and there is no insulting or name calling - This is an adult forum and participants are asked to act appropriately. Personal disagreements that have nothing to do with BD/SM related issues are to be handled offline. Anyone upsetting the sanctity of the forum will be placed on moderated status and possibly removed

BDSM-LegalIssues -
This list is dedicated to legal issues surrounding BDSM as a consensual lifestyle, businesses whose major trade or product caters to people who engage in BDSM, and groups who are looking to discuss legal issues as they endeavor to set up groups/clubs/organizations. This list is primarily geared toward the United States, but certainly opinions from Europe, Australia, Canada, and other areas can add new perspective to issues. Throughout the US, more play space is being developed, more parties are being held, and more people keep getting arrested. This list will encourage open discussion of federal, state and municipal law and how organizations have dealt with law enforcement and government agencies. Appropriate topics may include, but are not restricted to: risk management, constitutional law, personal injury and safety, operational issues, sodomy and prostitution law.

BDSM-employment -
This list is designed to assist people in the SM/Leather/Fetish communities with locating employment in the lifestyle and/or finding an employee. This could be anything from club worker/manager to toy-maker to house-servant to writer, etc. We also allow any post for people looking for or posting openings for scene-friendly jobs as well. We figure we get discriminated against enough - we refuse to do so here. This is an announcement type list and is not designed for discussions. Posts are moderated and the member list will remain confidential. (additional search keywords: SM, D/s, job, jobs)


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