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BDSM/Alternative Book Sellers

Kinky Online bookseller of ONLY Kinky, Alternative, and GLBiTQ books

Scribes Of Gor Booksellers  Gor novels, along with other items of interest to John Norman and Gor fans. CUFSmaine Members receive a 10% discount  from this vendor!


BDSM and Fetish Nightclubs - National

The Crucible - Washington DC's Only BDSM Nightclub.  The Crucible is a for-profit Pansexual BDSM play event hosted at our new space (1816 Half Street, SW, DC). Anybody showing up and paying the cover who is 18 or older can enter.  There are strict Safe - Sane - Consensual rules enforced by DM's.  We do have a core group of dedicated local players, and it is a caring fantastic environment in which to experience public play.

Paddles: BDSM club in NYC.

Fetish Warehouse: BDSM/Fetish club in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, being run by the former operators of the infamous Hellfire Club, NY

The Venom Club : E.  Farmingdale, N.Y. 11735.  Open every Friday & Saturday night 9pm to  4am .... Long Island's only  public BDSM social club.

At the Venom Club, you will find almost 3000 sq. ft. of dungeon space catering to the world of S/M.   We offer two dungeons:  one  large, open dungeon for the unashamed and a smaller, more intimate area for the curious. Its entire perimeter is lined with all hand-made equipment, and three jail cells for the disobedient.

The club welcomes all those who wish to come to a place where no one is forced to do anything that is against their will; to socialize or play with their partner or the many that come to look for one whose interests are the same
as theirs; the novice and the experienced existing together to learn, play and most of all have fun.
For those who wish to socialize, watch, or have recess between "lessons", there are tables and chairs and a concession area where non-alcoholic refreshment is available for a small fee. Snacks and nibbles are placed at each table, compliments of the club.

The Masters' private dungeon is the smaller of the two, and is open to all to enjoy its equipment and intimacy.   It is more private than  the larger dungeon, but still viewable by all who wander past its portals.  A fully-equipped dressing room is available, so that you may change into the fantasy or reality, which you can explore during your visit. 


BDSM and Fetish Clubs - New England

Black Key Club: Private Rhode Island club

Bound: Hartford, CT

PJ's Lounge : Augusta Maine GLBiT club which occasionally hosts a pansexual BDSM night

The Ramrod: Boston's Original Leather/Levi Bar.




Alula Be Bop 

Anna's Erotic Art

The Art of Christine 

Eros 5 

Femdom Art Gallery and Drawings

FemDom Picture Collection

Peril Central

Savage Images 


Chastity Devotees



Crafters of BDSM gear and accessories (e-mail only, no website)

Alternatives: Handmade floggers, knives, historical clothing. Additional E-mail

Cristo's Blades: Custom and specialty knives, leather pride items, Indianapolis, IN.

Darkstar Graphics: Original SF/F, Fetish artwork, screensavers, prints, stuff, Weymouth, MA

The Dragon's Designs: Custom BDSM leathercraft and woodworking, Seabrook, NH.

Falcon's Floggers, Captive Creations, Affordable handcrafted floggers, beautiful matched cuff/collar sets.

Jer's Canes: Rattan canes, chastity devices.

Laughing Skull Productions: Cat's paws and vampire fangs.

Lilith & Co.: Leather whips, exotic pleasurables, Mattapoisett, MA.

Made In Hell:  Silver and brass plate collars and cuffs.

The Portland Chandler: P.O.Box 7255, Portland, ME 04112, Specializing in high quality paraffin and bee's wax candles.  CUFSmaine Members receive a 20% discount  from this vendor!

Savage Wolf Mountain Leather: Leather clothing and fantasy gear, mail order and wholesale.


Crossdressers' Resources

Yvonne's Place 


Deaf Leather Resources

The Deaf Queer Resource Center:  Comprehensive and accurate information about the Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. 


Domestic Violence Resources - Maine - The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence - Family Crisis Services of Cumberland and Sagadahoc Counties, Maine - The Abused Women's Advocacy Program - serving Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford counties


Dominant Resources

Dominants in Controlled Kink: Dominant's forum

The KingDom: Dominant page from Castle Realm

Educational Resources

Altsex/BDSM:  Online BDSM forum.

BDSM for Beginners:   A good resource for those just starting out in the lifestyle

Caryl's Page: BDSM resource page.  One of the best on the web.

Castle Realm: DS Resource Center.  Another standout.

Deviant's Dictionary: Accurate and complete glossary of BDSM and scene terminology.

Different Loving Homepage:  Online information, reference and links.

Fetish Information Exchange: Award winning educational site

Gallant Rose: Terrific information for new and experienced alike.

Gloria Brame: The author of "Different Loving.

Iron Rose: General resource area and links.   Also see their store.

Leather and Roses: Lifestyle Educational Site

Pride Symbols:  Various Pride symbols/flags, their meanings, and origins

Rope For Pleasure:  Basic information on intricate rope bondage

Society for Human Sexuality: Huge amount of information on BDSM, including etiquette.

Steel Door:  Mistress Steel's terrific website!

Wizdomme: Home of the Help and Info Newbie Package


Fetish Photographers

Inner Secrets Photography: Located in Central Maine, aleyna is one of the best up and coming fetish photographers around.  Her works don't just capture the individual - they capture the soul.  Looking for a unique gift?  Talk to her about a personal portrait or a personalized calendar.  CUFSmaine Members receive a 10% discount  from this vendor!

Barabra Nitke Photography:  Renowned fetish photographer for over 20 years.

Abstract Photography:  Boston based fetish photography studio  Jack Montgomery Fine Arts Photography, specializing in fetish images


Fun Stuff

Goofy Shit  No explanation required.  :)

Real Doll:  For people who want a 'partner' but don't want a relationship.   :)

Strange US Sex Laws:  Be careful!  You never know what you can be charges with!


General BDSM Resources

Altarboy's Chastity Belt Site: The most comprehensive chastity belt site on the web.

ctan's homepage: Cecelia Tan of the National Leather Association

The Crossdresser's Guide to Shopping on the Internet: A fantastic selection of shopping links.

Darkheart's list of U.S.A. BDSM organizations: Comprehensive listing, check for your local kinksters!

The Frugal Domme: A great site!  How to make your own toys and BDSM supplies.

GMSMA: Gay Male S/M Activists, New York, NY resource group.

Kink Aware Professionals: Resource for people seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, dental, complementary healing, and legal professionals who are informed about the diversity of consensual, adult sexuality.

The Kinky Consumer:  The consumer reports of Kink!!!

RebelGent's Homepage: A 24/7 lifestyler's perspective.


Humor Links! new meaning to the term 'COWering!' 
LOL  Our thanks to dkt for sending this along. :)


Infantilism / Adult Babies

Diaper Connection

Diaper Pail Friends 


PPbear Babykins 

Loving Comfort Diaper Company

Footed PJs


Understanding Infantilism

BBIF Information Page

Forever A Kid 


Kinky Hotels and BDSM B&Bs


BDSM Travelers: A membership group of Kinky individuals across the US who offer accommodations in their homes for other participating traveling Kinksters.

La Domaine Esemar: Berkshires, Massachusetts

House of Shadowfind:  Niles, Michigan

Warm Buns Bed & Dungeon:  KINGSTON, Ontario, Canada


Legal Resources  

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Dedicated to preserving and defending your Constitutional rights

Americans Fighting Hate - Informing, motivating and organizing alternative sexual interest communities to respond to threats to their rights in a law-abiding manner. 

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) - Dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, HIV status and gender identity and expression.

Maine Civil Liberties Union  - Preserving and defending your civil rights in Maine

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) - National advocacy and lobbying organization promoting tolerance of sexual minorities  Sexuality Information and Education Counsel of the United States - Overview of state sexuality laws across the US


Make Your Own Toys

Pervy Tool Time! 

Match Stick's Toymaking Page 


Online BDSM Magazines and Newsletters

The BDSM News

BME - Body Modification Ezine

Body Play and Modern Primitives Quarterly 

Borcher's D/s Gazette

Cuir Underground: 

The Dominant's View:  TDV is an e-zine for Dominants. It is not gender-specific, nor orientation-specific, other than being for and about Dominants in the BDSM or D/s reality. 

D/s World



Online Fetish Auctions - Project Kink Auction - Project KinkAuction is a seller's coalition for kink-friendly auction services. What does that mean? We're a group of folks who auction kinky stuff. Project KinkAuction united with the belief that together we can make a difference, and ultimately create a thriving and productive kinky auction venue for our community. We want to show our buyers better and more explicit pictures, use the language of our lifestyle instead of innuendo, and still allow people to search for our listings. We also want to support some of the hardworking members of our community.

Alternative Auction Sellers Project   A FREE service for the leather & alternative communities. This project helps those that like to sell, shop or browse for alternative items at various auction format sites. You can find sellers, links to their auctions and brief descriptions of their specialties.

Online Shopping

Access Denied: Stainless Steel chastity belts, collars, cuffs, belts. E-mail

Adam's and Gillian's Sensual Whips & Toys: Toys and fine floggers, publishers of "Sandmutopian Guardian."

The Adult Toy Chest: Large sex toy site.   Some bondage and S/m gear.

Alisha's Luvtoys: Large sex toy site, with Spartacus of Oregon bondage gear available.

Arabesque Body Creations & Designs:  unique NON PIERCING  body jewelry

The Baroness:  High quality rubber and latex fashions

Be Proud:  Gay and Lesbian online Shopping Mall for Pride items

Black Laboratories: High quality Boston BDSM Leathersmiths, wholesale, retail, custom.

Body Xtremes: Registered piercer, North Quincy, MA.  Jewelry.

Castle Blood Productions: Corsetry, vampire/gothic/fetish costume.

Caught in the Act: Strait Jackets and Latex Fashions.

The Male Chastity Tube - High-tech, light weight, and passes airport metal detectors!

Le Chateau Exotique: BDSM toy and clothing store.

Condom Sense: They have toys too!

Dark Garden:  Unique corsetry, including costumes and bridal gowns! 

DeTails: Excellent floggers and some toys, Akron OH.

Devious Toys: Great selection of quality BDSM gear. 

Diversified Services: Scene-related videos, books, toys.  Part of the Boston Dungeon Society.

Dominance Loving Leather:  Floggers and Leather Goods from Florida.

Dream Dresser:  Erotic clothing, boots, and supplies

Dressing for Pleasure: Large retail store and online site in New Jersey.

D/s Toychest: Large Retailer, Meriden CT.

Dungeonware: B & D Equipment and Clothing.

Eclectic Electric: Violet Wand specialist, with lots of information 

The Emblem Project: Emblem jewelry and accessories from Quagmyr, the inventor of our popular community symbol 

Eros boutique: Latex/Rubber wear and bondage equipment.  Also retail store on Tremont St., Boston.

Fashion & Fun:  A Vast Resource For Serious Consenting Adults... Where You Will Find A Huge Selection Of Leatherwear, Adult Toys, Lingerie And More.

Fetishes Boutique: Fetish fashions and toys Northbound Leather.  Large Size Range, retail store in Philadelphia, PA.

For Play:  Lubricants, lotions, and cleaners 

Grand Opening: Terrific Boston store with a female touch: many books, lubes, dildos, harnesses, some toys.

Hanson Paddle Company: Terrific and unique toys.  Great prices.

Happy Tails: Every kind of flogger and cat you can imagine!  Beautifully crafted! 

Hardcore Clothing - Looking for a BDSM, perverted, or outrageous T-Shirt?  This is the link to follow!

Hi Heel Heaven:  a full range of shoe and boot styles and sizes from 5 to 16 that will appeal to exotic dancers, classy escorts, drag queens, cross-dressers, and the fetish in all of us

Iron Rose: Online Shopping

Kitten's Toy Room:  Sex Toys - Leather Lingerie & Fetish Wear - Bondage Toys & Bondage Gear.

Le Chateau Exotique:  Clothing from XS to 6X for every body, every taste, and every gender including gender benders. Also corsets, bridal gowns, formals, and evening wear!

Leather by Danny:  Quality Boston manufacturer of cuffs and collars, original Grip-Cuffs, more. Email: LBD

Leather Creations/Primitive Leather: Connecticut store and site with excellent selection of leather BDSM products.

Leather-n-Fetish: Custom leather goods including corsets, restraints, and fetish clothing 

Life's Temptations: Wooden dungeon furniture and paddles.

Lifestyle Metalcraft:  unique metal BDSM items of high quality, at reasonable prices - also custom orders

Liquid Fire Inc:   Waxing supplies and Much more - including human hair floggers!

Lovely Creature Corsets:  Custom and off the rack corsets - highly recommended by one of our CUFSmaine members!

Lusty Leather:  Bodices, Leather goods, and restraints, many beautifully hand tooled - custom orders welcomed!

Maitresse: Corsets and leather lingerie.

Marked Impressions - Floggers, cats, and their signature toy, 'The Nasty'

MC's Lethal Leather:  Leather toys and restraints.

Miko Exoticwear: Latex, leather, lingerie, fetish gear, some toys.  Retail store in Providence, RI.

Montague Custom Leathercraft: Custom floggers and cats, Savage, MD.

Nancy's Basement: Paddles floggers and cats. 

Northbound Leather: Terrific Toronto leather clothing and BDSM toy manufacturer (prices in canadian $).

The Other Woman:  The Other Woman LLC.  Corsets and clothing.

Out There Wear by Fineline: Serving the BDSM Leather community with unique apparel for an alternative look! 

Pandora and Pendragon: Beautiful fetish jewlery and precious metal cuffs and collars.

A Passion for Pleasure: Thousands of Sex toys in every category! Secure ordering and worldwide delivery. Also a huge library of sexuality resources including tantra, sex positions, sex news and sexy articles

Paul C. Leather: Superb corsets, fetish wear, some bondage devices, Chicago, IL.

Pleasure Tree: Fetish Jewelry

Primitive Leather:  Award winning creators of professional quality bd/sm gear and men's fetish wear since 1992.

Pure TNT:  The Nets largest One Stop Shop for your BDSM, Lesbian, Gay and Fetish Jewelry Needs

Purple Passion Boutique: Fetish Clothing and Toys, NY, NY. 

PX Direct: Jail Products, uniforms, restraints, shackles.

Rubber Masters:  (Formerly R & R Designs) Wonderful Rubber Whips, Restraints and Gags, Portland, ME 

Rosebuds:  Distinctive jeweled butt-plugs and accessories - for the 'sub who has everything!'

Rupert Huse and Son: BDSM Dungeon Equipment and Furniture

Satan's Workshop: Gothic and fetish jewelry, floggers.

Sensual Sensations:  Quality fetish jewelry, professional piercing and supplies in the Boston area.

Shadow Project Design:  Quality rattan canes, in various sizes and colors, crafted in Everett, Washington

The Shoe Guy:  A wide variety of shoes, boots, and other novelties and fetish wear.  Free shipping!

Slaves By Trade: Makers of beautiful custom metal collars and restraints, as well as other toys 

Snakepit Leatherworks: One-of-a-kind hand-crafted floggers and cats.

Ssaxtoys: Dungeon Toys and Furniture

State Line Tack:  New England favorite for riding crops and all your pony needs.

The Stockroom: Large, well rounded sex toy site, with a good selection of BDSM gear, Los Angeles, CA.

Stormy Leather: Excellent San Francisco manufacturer of leatherwear and BDSM gear.

Strangeblades and More: Chainmail clothing and accessories.

The Toy Bag: Superb floggers, paddles, canes etc. of exotic woods

Toys in Babeland: Seattle and New York based sex toy stores with a commitment to women.

ToySintheCloset: Maine-Made paddles, leather restraints 'n' stuff.

Underground Stock Exchange:  Beautiful bondage furniture, much of which can be 'converted' for vanilla use and discretion.  :)

Utilikilts: Men's kilts in basic black and leather for Lfestylers, as well as 'workman's and 'survival' styles.  :)

Xanadu Creations Nipple clamps and Sex Toys: The Ultimate Nipple Clamp, For The Sexually Adventurous, With Styles Designed For Him, Her, Or Both Of You.
The Water Hole Custom Leather: Excellent Connecticut manufacturer of BDSM gear.  Excellent pony gear site.


Organizations and Clubs Outside of New England

Albany Power Exchange (APeX)  Albany, New York

Black Rose: BDSM support group in the DC area.

DomSubFriends: New York Area BDSM Group.

Dom/sub Support Group: Canadian BDSM group

D/s Desires:  Play parties and events (New York)

The Eulenspiegel Society (TES): BDSM support group in the NYC area.

Houston PEP - the largest pansexual BDSM support and social group in
Houston, Texas

National Leather Association International:   Communication, information, education and support network for members of the Leather/SM/Fetish community

Society of Janus: BDSM support group in San Francisco.

TIES;  (Tremendously Intense Erotic Situations) An organization for the Leather, B&D, D/S, S&M, and other kinky acronym people in the Mpls/St Paul Minnesota area.


Other Stuff That Might Come In Handy

Net Lingo.Com   Translations for those who don't speak chatroom/Internet lingo   :)  Etiquette and manners for the online/email world

Big Myths About Copyright Explained:  For those who like to 'borrow' others work


Pony Play Information and Resources

The Human Equine:  Homepage of Trigger the Horse


Private BDSM Lessons and Tutoring

Of The Manor: Private BDSM Lessons

Are you looking for one-on-one tutoring on BDSM techniques?  Would you like to learn a special skill?  Have a ton of toys, but don't know how to best utilize them in a scene?  Eric, former co-leader of the Northern Maine Kinksters (NMK) is now offering private lessons!  Sessions may be one-on-one or small groups, in the privacy of your own home.  Please write Eric, care of the Manor, for more information.

The Estate:  Residential submissive Training

The Estate offers training and guidance which might be invaluable to a submissive aspiring to find new and potent ways to improve him or herself and the quality and concept of their service.  Associated with TES, MAsT, Le Circe, LSM.  for further information, please contact:


Professional Dommes

Lady Papillon:

Explore D/s with Dignity and Style. Quality Maine and "beyond" - MA (near Boston) December through March - ME (near Bar Harbor) April through Autumn.

Papillon welcomes mature, appreciative gentleman who recognize it is the Lady Herself who generates an excellent experience. As a visitor, you will find a Domina with over 15 years experience, deeply ingrained wisdom, insight, creativity, a fine space filled with ample equipment.

Papillon enjoys all aspects of BSDM & fetish including interrogation, sensory deprivation, CD, TG and AB. Overnight stays are possible. Phone trainings are welcome. Pony play or outside play is reserved for her Maine Coastal Retreat and warmer weather.

Leave a voice message for a discrete call back at: 1-781-932-5492

Lady Paradise:

Lady Paradise of New England and Los Angeles

Serious Mistresses:  

Comprehensive listing of Professional Dominants in the Us, UK and around the world.

Max Fisch Domina Guide: 

Worldwide listings for Dominatrixes, Mistresses, and FemDommes

People Exchanging Power

Nancy Ava Miller's site, where one can find support as well as 'intimate conversation.'



Publishers of BDSM Literature

Circlet Press: Publishers of erotic science fiction and fantasy, SM related and how-to books.  Mail order sales.

Daedalus Publishing Company:   Publisher of reference works on BDSM and Leathersex.

Greenery Press: Publisher of BDSM related materials, including many excellent reference works.


Resources for Parents in the Scene

Are you a BDSMer trying to raise children?  Have questions about how to engage in your lifestyle without exposing your young ones?  Need assistance of some type?  this area is for information of importance to those of us with full or part-time parental duties.

This group is designed for people in the Lifestyle that are raising children. What we are hoping to do is have an area where we can learn from each other about how to deal with your children or the children of your Significant Other (SO) and your lifestyle choice whether it be 24/7 or "weekender" play.

This is not a site for legal advice but it can be a resource for parents on how to address situations that may arise or the questions that can be encountered when the "little-ones" overhears something or questions are asked. Sometimes those of us involved with the B/D/S/M lifestyle need to know we are not alone and that there are others who have or are going through the things that we are.

This is not a place to "find" a Master or submissive--this is a place to chat and talk over the joys, problems, situations and humor of being a parent involved with this lifestyle.

Scene Music Artists/Distributors

Butt Boy


Single Tail Whips - Makers and Information The Authority - also has a terrific links section.

Matt Wellsby Real Whips: Beautiful whip site from Down Under.  Has had delivery problems, but great site.

Coyote Whips:  New England made!  Durable nylon cord whips - strong and almost indestructible, available in a wide array of colors - this is fast becoming Ren's favorite new singletail whip!

David Morgan Whips  NOTE - great whips, but NOT scene friendly - don't mention BDSM if you call!

Rawhips:  Maker of high quality singletails- signal whips, bullwhips, snakewhips,
quirts, floggers and cats. Whip information and resources. (Les has a 4' 16 plait Snakewhip - it's AWESOME).

Robert Dante - Premier Whipmaster:  Info on private lessons, upcoming shows and much more!  Jim Hurlbutt Specialty Whips of Sheridan, Wyoming

Murphy Whips:  Kangaroo hide bullwhips, snakewhips, and signal whips from Australia 


Spanking Sites

Paddles Online Magazine


Special/Annual Events

Fetish Fair Fleamarket: Twice a year ... over 75 Vendors, more than 10,000 kinky people served :)


Spirituality / Religion and BDSM

Catholic BDSM

Dignity USA:  GLBiT Catholic organization

Dignity USA - Defenders  Leather?BDSM branch of the Dignity USA organization

BDSM/Religion   By Divinity (aka  exquisite)

Thank You Catholic Church! An Athiest Explains Why Ex-Catholics Make Better Lovers  By Morgan Lang

Jewish BDSM

Kosher Sex 

Leather Jews  A Queer Net discussion group

Christian BDSM

Soul of a Second Skin: Spirituality, Christianity, and the Leathher Community:  By Hardy Haberman

Other Religions/Beliefs

BDSM and Religion:  A comprehensive listing of resources from FrugalDomme

BDSM Spirituality:  An essay and links from Jrsygir1

Sado-masochistic Ritual in a Thelemic Context:  By Raven Greywalker (Lilith)

Masochism as a Spiritual Path:  By Dorothy C. Hayden, CSW

In Service: Thoughts on Daily Practice of submission to the Divine:  By quirk


Submissive Resources

Submissive Women Kvetch: Informative and humorous site by Jay Wiseman

subNATION: Excellent site, with information and links for submissives.

subSpace: Excellent submissive resource area in Castle Realm.



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