BDSM Fiction

        We are proud to feature reviews of a number of works of fiction.  These BDSM-oriented books will be a joy and inspiration to all of us.  We won't recommend any particular book.  Instead, we encourage you to dive into Eidilon's wonderful reviews and decide for yourself (Eidilon is a freelance writer who, over the past four years, has written erotica for various publications.)


The Academy, Tales of the Marketplace

A novelogy by Laura Antoniou with special guest authors.
Published by Mystic Rose Books

This book grabs you. It's as simple as that. You will be half way through it before you realize just how many different ways it does.

It's a mirror that reflects today's BDSM world and all the politics and egos involved. Yeah, you're in there if you take any kind of role in local activities. It is also going to illuminate some aspect of your own relationships and the struggles and triumphs of learning to submit or Master. That aspect also sneaks up on you while you're reading along the lightbulb is going to go off and you're going to realize "Hey, that could be me and..." 

The setting is ingenious, a meeting of the participants of the past novels and stories of the series. Decisions need to be made. Decisions that will radically alter the future of the Master\Slave world setting the characters inhabit. We've been there haven't we? Even in our little corner of the BDSM world here in Maine. The politics makes for a sophisticated setting that you're going to find yourself reading just as avidly as the "good parts." 

With the roster of authors involved you can be sure there are plenty of those. Hot writing is what we've come to expect from Antoniou and there are tales involved that will have a poor submissive struggling with a Mistress's rule: "Don't touch that!" Tops, read it and learn. Bottoms read it and learn while trying to stay out of trouble.

Review by Eidilon

Bad Habits

By: Lindsay Welsh
Publisher: Rosebud Editions: Masquerade Press

What do you with submissives that have developed the bad habits of sloppy service, topping from the bottom or finding excuses for not being able to carry our orders? I mean a dominant has the right to correct service now don't they?

Enter Wendy, a dream Femme Domme who decides to start a school for submissives who need some extra training, her initial class of four young women are destined to suffer while they learn the
ins and outs of true service to their woman owners.

This is one of Lindsay Welsh's early books, it might even be called a classic since it was first published in 1992 but is still available in the big bookstores or from Masquerade Press itself. Ms. Welsh is one of the hottest lesbian writers around, her imagery is vivid, her scenes are hot and through them she does delve into the true meanings of being a submissive. Any slave who graduates from Wendy's academy can be proud of wearing the badge bestowed on them during the graduation ceremony.

Wendy's training is severe. Margot, a sullen, pouting, proud submissive is finally broken and we get to enjoy it in exquisitely painful detail. It's a good book for top or bottom, beginner or experienced to refresh or acquaint yourself on the proper attitude for both sides of the equation as well as
fantasizing about being there. Maybe you should read it with that special friend or lover to see just how far you do want to travel down that road of dominance and submission.

Review by Eidilon

The Best American Erotica 2000

Edited by: Susie Bright
Published By: Simon and Schuster

San Francisco's Susie Bright gathered an excellent collection of short stories for the millenium edition of this Touchstone Book.

The stories range from the intense to the humorous. "The Fishing Show" combines bondage with fishing gear and manages the enviable trick of being funny and hot all at the same time. An excerpt from "The Leather Daddy and the Femme" easily rivets the reader's attention. 

There is a little bit of everything in here, sex and death in "Quiet Please" which will also fulfill many folks' librarian fantasies. "Ideal Assex" hot, pointed, delicious; maybe one of the best in the bunch a tale of anonymous excellent sex a real fantasy brought to life with superb writing. Bondage is all over the place too -we've been mainstreamed folks. 

To be honest, in years past, I wouldn't recommend paying $13.00 for this annual collection. Many times I'd finish it and think the best isn't really all that good. Susie Bright seems to have gone the extra mile for the millennium edition though and it is a winner. Buy it and read it with someone you love, or someone you want to love, it's bound to shake some people up.

Review by Eidilon

Black Feathers {erotic Dreams}

by Cecilia Tan
Published by: HarperPerennial, 1998

Dark fantasy, lyrical eroticism, humor, science fiction, vampires, all exist in the fertile imagination of one of New England's most well known authors of erotica. Her collection of short stories is a must buy for any Maine Cuffer.

Pearl Diver is an exquisite tale of the ocean, the moon, earthy sexuality and visions. I'll never look at pearls is quite the same way after reading this. The verse belongs in a bible dedicated to Gaia.

Whipmaster is dedicated to another New England writer, John Preston, and deals with mentoring, and loss with lots of touches of leatherwork. It is "a creation of the hopes and desires and visions of the author."

Cecilia Tan puts herself out there, in front of friends and family she acknowledges she's between "...white and Asian, between gay and straight, between female-identified and male-identified." Not to mention that she's spending a lot of her time currently in Gay Leather circles. You've got to admire her courage and you won't forget her writing. I know I'll go back to this volume there's a lot more than one reading can reveal.

Space limitations don't let me more that touch on the tales of the Kylarans, a space faring race that institutionalizes D\s sex relations. What a trip.

Get out there and buy this book and help support on of the finest erotic voices New England has.

Review by Eidilon

The Catalyst

By: Sara Adamson
Publisher: Masquerade Books, 801 Second Ave., New York, NY 10017

This little book covers a lot of the bases. Often when a book, or a gadget, for that matter try to be all-in-one success is rare. But this slender volume of kinky vignettes breaks that rule all to hell.

Each tale is set around The Movie; we never do get the actual title, but the silver screen sets folks imaginations ablaze and they just can't seem to wait and get home to explore the various scenarios with friends and partners.

There are a couple of hot Femme Dom entries: Two for the Price of One, details apartment mates that like to share. After seeing The Movie, Nicole and Eve decide to test their theory of the new neighbor being interested in aggressive, controlling women. Well, Tony has a problem with being a smart mouth submissive. By the end of the story you'll know exactly how it is possible to rape a man. Maid to Order, is a neat little story of a woman who decides after seeing the flick that she could use some domestic help. It's not the way to go about a first meeting, but after all it is fiction, and lot's of hot fun is had by all.

Master of the Evening, is a male Dom fantasex story that once again breaks all the rules. But no one gets hurt, well maybe just a little, the hot hurting that some people, you know who you are, just love.

The Catalyst, is well worth the $6.95 you'll plunk down for it. Read it with a friend, and who knows what chemical reactions will occur. There isn't a lot of emotional depth here, but sometimes that isn't needed -just read and enjoy!

Review by Eidilon

Chats On Old Pewter

By S. Crabb
Published by: Masquerade Press, 1998

This volume is an intriguing collection of tales dedicated to dominant women. Like a lot of good fantasex it ain't all safe, sane and consensual, but that's the thing about reading about kinky sex, it's all in the mind, so rules don't have to be followed.

Like the story titled "An Attractive Nuisance." It contains one of the staples of British literature, the staid, stuffy unflappable butler. Ahh, but what happens when he's discovered with his Mistress's heels in a, shall we say, compromising situation? Poor Pendleton's life becomes a living hell that he can't help enjoying.

"The General's Whore" is another good story of "delicious misery, furtive enjoyment snatched in the intervals of labor and humiliation," for poor Pedro, assigned to the general's household because Conchita had been able to detect his secret desires to grovel at her feet. And grovel he does, at the altar he worships. Conchita's best pair of high heeled ankle boots. The author even takes a paragraph to address the reader in this sordid little tale wondering at our enjoyment of Pedro's suffering.

It's a good collection to warm the heart, and other parts, of any hard-core Female Dominant. Beware, this isn't for the romantics out there. It's also good book to let your submissive soul experience total subjugation if that's your thing. Run right out and buy a copy. You won't be disappointed.

Review by Eidilon

Doing It For Daddy

by Pat Califia
Published by Allyson Press

This month's review tackles the envelope pushing Doing It For Daddy, a book of short stories edited by Pat Califia and published by Allyson Press of Boston.

If Pat Califia is involved in a publication you want to read it. But, even I hesitated before plunking down my money for this volume. Daddy fantasies? Long a staple of the male gay community here was a volume of them in the Lesbian Literature section of Border's in Bangor. Leave it to Califia, and Allyson publications to take on this politically incorrect subject and make it so damn hot.

Maine's own John Preston is a contributor with one of his hot short stories, Birthday Boy. The bulk of the tales deal with gay fantasies, from both male and female perspectives. Lots of hot D/s sex in this book folks no matter what your persuasion.

The connected story of Carol A. Queen, The Leather Daddy and the Femme, Parts 1 & 2 is a nasty, lusty account of an odd couple that should please Bi-sexers and switchers everywhere. A lesbian cruising for a gay leather daddy. I want to tell you, these folks have a good time.

A couple of the stories missed the mark for me. I like the emotions to be wrapped in raw sex in erotica. Too much literature can ruin a good thing ya know.

The book was published in 1994, and is on the shelves at the big stores every now and then. It's a well spent $10.00.

Review by Eidilon


By: Bertrice Small

Many people complain that erotica is lacking in the plot department. Well, what they should do then is check out the Romance shelves at their local book store. Bertrice Small is recognized as one of Romance's hottest writers and her book Hellion, is one of the reasons why.

It has it all for folks interested in BDSM and if you're a romantic at heart well, it has even more. There is bondage, flogging, an orgy, and yes, that formerly taboo subject in the romance trade, anal sex -to name some of the activities you'll find. 

Our heroine has to rescue her husband from the clutches of the decidedly wicked French Count and Countess. The lusty wench has adventures aplenty along the way. She ends up a captive of the Count who plys her with medieval aphrodisiacs that make her a compliant partner in her own debauchery. His goal: to turn her into a willing sensual slave, addicted to his style of love. Her goal: hang around long enough to figure why her husband can't remember her and then make a getaway with him. 

The result? Lots of lusty passages for submissive or dominant and of course if you are at all familiar with the genre, there is a happy ending in the offing. So, check out Hellion, you can even find it at your library (Gasp) or a big box book store near you. 

Review by Eidilon

House Rules

By: G.C. Scott
Published by: Carroll & Graf

A friend who shall remain nameless asked me once if I ever did negative reviews. Generally I don't, one of my goals is to get folks to get out and buy good erotica and then have some fun reading it, alone or with someone you get to play with. Another reason is I usually don't bother to finish books I don't like. 

Well, this review is for that friend. House Rules is not worth the $11.95 you have to fork over to read it. From the improbable pick-up of a man on the streets of Hamburg, which opens the book to the corny plot line it is pretty bad. Now, both of those things are often present in erotica, they can be forgiven if the sex is good. The sex isn't. In fact it is what I call "list sex." A kind of straight forward we did this, then that, then some of this and then maybe a little more of that -boring in the extreme. Very little in the way of emotions. Very little in the way of excitement. It's a good example of the British stiff upper lip carried way to far. G.C. Scott lives in England. 

It's too bad, the scenarios are classic BDSM activities, some transvestism and all female domination but flat and dry all the way.

So, pass this one up if you come across it. Save your money to put to a new toy. By the way, I did finish it, you kind of have to do that to write a review of a book. It's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Review by Eidilon

I Shudder At Your Touch

Various Authors
Edited by Michele Slung

Used bookstores often have some real erotic treasures on their shelves so whenever I go to one I look for an adult section. I've picked up some interesting books over the years like: I Shudder At Your Touch, edited by Michele Slung. It's a good one. Twenty-two tales of SEX and HORROR with writers like Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Ruth Rendell included.

There is always an element of the erotic in horror books and movies for those on the lookout for subtle or not so subtle clues. Damsels in distress, often bound, with the specter of...well you can fill in the blank, hovering just off screen or off the page.

Some of these tales are much more sophisticated than a B-movie and therefore that much more enjoyable. We've got a cricket playing vampire, a seductive handyman, and even a religious icon offering X-rated enlightenment.

The book is worth searching out for those who like to read and get that certain tingle. The combination is interesting, are you tingling from pleasure or horror, or maybe both at once. The well crafted tales will appeal to those who like to live on the sexual edge striving for that "real" feeling of helplessness and loss of control on the one side. Also to the other side, those who like to do the scaring and have someone under their thumb. I Shudder At Your Touch, will definitely tickle your BDSM psyche.

Review by Eidilon

Justice, and Other Short Stories

By Tammy Jo Eckhart
Published by: Greenery Press, 1999

Is anything easily obtained really worth having? That's the question Ms Eckhart asks us with this volume of short stories, and in the author's after word. And yes her characters do struggle with complex issues while they are achieving their dreams of dominance and submission.

This is intelligent erotica at its best, it's just the thing for you male submissives out there who like to read and dream. The settings are interesting in how they do away with consensuality. Justice, a sequel to an earlier Eckhart story, Punishment for the Crime, details the story of Jake, a convicted drug dealer who catches the interest of Princess Yvonne, the Butcher as she is called for her military exploits. Mistress and slave both struggle in this enticing story. Come to think of it, this collection is just the thing for you Femme Dommes out there too who like to read and transport themselves to the land of fantasex where SSC is not something you need to worry about.

What about an android? Programmed to serve all your needs after extensive interviews with the buyer? It's in there. Eckhart's erotic imagination is superb and this volume is well worth the $11.95 price tag on it at the big book stores. Read it and enjoy, a unique hard edged view of female dominance. You might and even come up with some fantasies of your own to work out in role play the real world with someone who likes to play hard.

Review by Eidilon

Make Her Dreams Come True

By Joey W. Hill
Publishing Format: E-book
Genre: erotic romance/D/s
Number of Stars: 5
Available at Author's Website:

Make Her Dreams Come True is a romance which includes games of Domination/submission, so if that is not something you're looking for something like the Beauty trilogy, this is not your type of book. The novella is tender, gentle, and deeply romantic. The Story of O this definitely is NOT.

Desolated by her divorce, poor Meg has fallen into a depression so severe that even a trip to the mall to buy a card is an overwhelming challenge. Wandering the mall in a daze, she stops to admire a wonderful dress in a boutique window, only to find herself swept into the store by a handsome and mysterious stranger (this should happen to all of us; Daniel is gorgeously sexy), who persuades her to try on the dress, and she finds herself  agreeing. She even gives in to his requirement that she wear it without undies, and that she not look at herself in the mirror while she slips into it. When she emerges from the dressing room, he takes out a choker of braided gold and silver and makes her an offer she can't refuse.

"The necklace says you're mine. Leave it on and obey me in all things until I free you tonight...No more questions, Meg. The only act of free will you have is the right to take off that necklace and reclaim your independence. In everything else, I'm your master. If you refuse, take off the necklace and walk away."

Meg may be suffering from depression, but she is sane enough to wonder if he's a serial killer--yet she's so close to the edge that she doesn't care. Death would be preferable to the wasteland her life has become. More importantly, Daniel touches something deep inside her. "He was man in the Original sense..with a fierce certainty that could light a woman's soul, protect her and give her the peace to find herself again." Meg longs for that protection and is willing to risk everything to find it. She dons the necklace, and thus begins an odyssey into pleasure, self-discovery, and submission. A haircut is transformed from a routine chore into a wildly sensual experience (Not to self: Write Ms. Hill and grovel to get the address of that salon; I could use a day there). Buying sexy high heels is more than becomes an exercise in sexual exploration. And I never knew eating an ice cream could be so, well, *hot*.

But the core of this book is trust. Under Daniel's gentle control, Meg learns to trust again, and to believe in herself. Daniel forces her to see herself as he does, not as a broken, scarred creature, unlovable and undesirable, but as a strong and alluring woman who arouses fierce responses in him. Their need for each other is mutual and complementary. And that is the real essence and appeal of Domination/submission games.  It isn't about whips and chains, but about a consensual exchange of power which fulfills the desires of both parties, a game for lovers who trust one another completely. The sexual tension between the hero and heroine never lets up, but keeps building from peak to peak until the reader wonders how they (and the reader) can tolerate it without an orgasmic explosion. Do they get each other? Ms. Hill, in a stunning denouement, lets us have it right between the eyes with the truth about Daniel--and just why he feels the need to master Meg (no, he isn't Ted Bundy's twin; this is an erotic romance, after all).

There are a lot of books and films out there which play with the D/s theme, but most are set pieces like Rice's Beauty books, a laundry list of kinky scenes, or else border on abuse like the film version of *9 � Weeks (am I the only woman who watched the celebrated refrigerator scene and realized Kim was gonna have to clean up the mess after Rourke leaves?). Most go no deeper than but this novella dares to plunge below the surface. It is about two very real, imperfect people, with real problems and real emotions. In less skillful hands, Meg would be an Aly McBeal clone, annoyingly desperate and clingy, and Daniel would be chest-beating macho twit--but Hill has the skill to show us Megan's pain and self doubt without ever making her whiny, and Daniel is far more than the stereotypical Dark-browed Master. These aren't cardboard cutouts, but achingly authentic people, and they connect on a far deeper level than just a joining of genitalia. When was the last time an erotic novel brought you to the brink of tears and made you laugh, as well as hot and bothered?  The writing is as lush and voluptuous as a pinup of Marilyn Monroe, and as filled with insight into the human soul as anything written by an author of mainstream literature, with a delightfully kinky sentiment.

Oh, the sex...well, it's hard to find words for it. Steamy and intense are too mild. Volcanically hot? That just begins to convey my reaction to it. A substantial story, characters so real they breathe, wonderful writing, and sex so exciting it could short out a Hitachi Magic Wand...what are you waiting for? Buy this already.

Review by Flame

The Marketplace

By: Laura Antoniou
Published by Mystic Rose Books

Have you ever wondered where do you go to get trained as a slave? You've heard the whispers and talk about the Marketplace. A place where slaves are bought and owned. But, how do you get there?

First you must be accepted for training by Alexandra Selador or Grendel Elliot, Mistress and Master of the house. A house tucked away in the corner of the world somewhere, where you are faced with questions of integrity, honor and trust, and pushed to your limits and beyond to see if you have the real desire to submit and be a slave. They will make the decision if you are ready to be tested and to enter training. They will be the ones to break down the facades, and masks that you wear. They will be the ones to bring out your true desire to submit and to be owned, if that desire truly exists in your heart and soul.

At the beginning of the book, you meet four slaves being considered for acceptance for training to become Marketplace slaves. You will meet Claudia, Robert, Sharon & Brian. Each of them, bring to the house their own ideas of what type of slave they should be and what they think they should become. Through out the book, they share their stories with each other as to how they ended up where they were before coming to the house for training.

The slaves are under the constant supervision and training of Chris Parker, a sadistic majordomo, who has a position of authority over the "trainees," but has a more complex relationship with the Master & Mistress of the house. You experience the slaves' growth, tribulations, punishments and successes through their training programs, developed for each individual slave, to break down any resistance, conquer any fears and force the "trainees" to explore parts of their psyche not always comfortable.

You can't help but cheer for Claudia, Robert, Sharon & Brian when they succeed in a task, and are rewarded with a chance to visit with the Master & Mistress of the house. Cringe when a punishment is brought on swiftly and unmercifully, or perhaps you stop and think how wonderful the sting of the whip would feel on your back.

Laura Antoniou creates and develops believable and evolving characters. Throughout the book you experience the growth of each slave, as they reach deep inside of themselves to find their true desire to submit. She creates a setting, where you can close your eyes, and picture it all in your head. You can easily place yourself in any of the situations that the four slaves are placed into. While, I was reading the book, I could easily picture a mansion or large Victorian home, with stables and such, set on a large piece of land, tucked away from the rest of the world and imagine the feel of the strap across my bottom.

I know that this will be a book in my library that will get read again & again.

Review by Sue

Meeting the Master

by Elissa Wald
Published by: Grove Press, 1995

This volume of short stories deals not so much with the darker side of desire, as the cover claims, but with the origins of desire. Specifically, the desires to submit and dominate. The Initiation, a tale of first love and frustrated submissive desire is tender and erotic. Evocative of many a relationship where a submissive cannot get a lover to cooperate with exploring. But sometimes, you can, sometimes you can submit without the other knowing what is happening. But in the end, it isn't enough. Is it ever?

Perhaps the darkest story is Turned Out. Picture this: you've been an ax murderer's boy for eleven and a half years while you're in prison. What happens when you're released? Nelson is addicted to The Axe's power and sexuality as well as the ability to see into a soul that no one else can know. It's not long before he's trying to get back into prison. A very dark scenario for this writer.

The most intriguing story is Therapy. A Mistress is getting tired of her work, and sees a psychiatrist to find out why. "I want you to tell me where it hurts." These soft words were spoken to me by Dr. Isaac Landau opens this story. What a trip into the realm and mind of a professional Dominatrix. Has Vanessa found a man who can dominate her? Why does she want to?

The book is far away from porn, don't buy it for one handed reading. Buy it because Elissa Wald has written about the early years, the wellspring of power exchange sex, without exploiting children in any way. You know what I'm talking about, the feelings we had when we first became aware of powerful urges to submit to another when we played doctor or imprisoned friends in dark places. Many of us carry those same feelings to play sessions today don't we?

The book is available at Borders, and, it's a little pricey at $12.00, but worth a read.

Review by Eidilon

Erotic Tales of Women in Submission

Edited by: Laura Antonio
Published by: Masquerade Books

The introduction alone is worth the $7.95 you'll pass over the counter to buy this book. I don't think I've come across a better, simple -but sophisticated- analysis of an issue I've seen discussed into the ground in some of the on-line BDSM digests I read -"Can a submissive woman be a feminist? Or, How can a submissive woman claim she is a feminist?" She includes a digression into the history and ideology behind the term "Politically Incorrect" and how the right now uses the concept to lay out what is politically correct for the true believers. Ms. Antonio also decides it's time for women to stop apologizing for submissive fantasies.

She's included authors that hit hard, Liegh Ann Hilderbrand's "Proxy" details a fisting scene that will turn your flannel into tie-die. Some of the writers use SF and Fantasy to distance us from the harsh realities of female submission. Tamar Kay's "Cat Magic" is an intense sexy tale of the purrfect dominant. Jen Johnson's "The Imp" is good look at the sub that likes to fight their need to submit. Sent from a female Lucifer, the Imp, Dante, falls under the spell of "Antigony" and the devil loses a wager.

The book "No Other Tribute" is a keeper. You won't be trading it in at the used bookstore. You may not want to show it to your sub though, until after you've exhausted all the delicious possibilities.

Review by Eidilon

Sandra's New School

By: Yolanda Celebridge
Published by Nexus, London, England 1999

The latex dressed "schoolmarm" licking her lips on the cover sucked me right in and surprise, surprise the book does indeed live up to the cover. Sandra's New School is a Victorian style girl's school set in modern times, a neat twist is the fact that the "girls" are all over 18 and pay tuition for their schooling so you don't have that niggling little problem of Victorian erotica, underage characters being spanked, caned and whipped.

Yolandra fills this book with hard-ball woman to woman sex. You know, the survey says that watching two women do their thing is the most common male fantasy. Well, fellow CUFfers all the BDSM bases are covered here. We've got medieval torture scenes complete with racks and other nasty devices, floggings, clamps and all kinds of fantasex play that leads to lusty women enjoying gushing orgasms. The prose often lets you see shuddering flesh being weald and trembling limbs struggling against ingenious bondage. 

There is a slim plot line here, well done too because it just means more sex for our heroine the lovely Sandra. Anyone, Mistress or Master femme or male sub will find something in this book to make their tinglers tingle a sure sign of an author who knows her stuff. For $6.95 you can't beat it, wellll maybe you will beat it a lot. Pick it up at Border's or you can order it on-line. You won't be disappointed.

Review by Eidilon

Sentenced to Servitude

By: Paul Little
Published by Paul Little Books, Masquerade Press, New York, New York 1997

Have you ever thought to yourself 'that snotty young lady needs to go over someone's knee, preferably mine!' Well, Paul Little obviously has and he lets his imagination go when he decides to sit down and write about it. It's not SSC but it is hot.

In Sentenced to Servitude we get the tale of a high bred young woman who insults an admirer much to her dismay when she finds herself in the hands of white slavers whose job it is to train her to submission. It's all hot dominating fantasex here folks. Little knows how to keep a reader turning the pages; there isn't much excess writing between the good stuff. There are scenes of canings and whippings and punishments that will bring a gleam to your eye (maybe even that one eye that lives below a guy's belt) if you like to be on the handle end of things in a power exchange relationship. The same scenes will get those of a submissive bent all a flutter too; if they are the type that dreams of helpless captivity and real slavery.

We don't have to worry about things like unwanted pregnancies in an era of no birth control and our heroine even ends up enjoying herself a couple of times. You know how the politically correct crowd hates that aspect of porn but it is fantasy so go ahead and enjoy. After all, that's where the dark side of BDSM belongs, in a book, not in real relationships. Enjoy this hot book with someone you like to role play with and let the floggers fly!

Review by Eidilon

Slaves of the Empire

By: Aaron Travis
Published by: Badboy (Masquerade Press, 801 Second Ave., New York, NY 10017)

Fanta-sex at it's best. Let your mind take you places that you know you can't go to in real life with Slaves of the Empire. There's a lot here, plot, some character development, exotic setting, and awesome sex.

The larger than life archetypal gay characters explore sex that real bottoms, no matter your sex, would tie themselves in knots for. And for a top, well, it's a shame you just can't do some of the things you'll find here. If you enjoy getting big things into little holes you simply cannot pass up this book. 

Travis's imagery is mind blowing, Eskrill, one of the German twins, slave of a Roman Noble endures a torturous humiliation that is complete with perfect agony. It's fiction as a dream, you are there, and can see the reflection of a coal brazier on oiled flesh, and feel the shudder as Magnus, the protagonist, tugs at the tail hanging from the bound body's.... Well you get the picture.

A version of the book first appeared in Drummer, that icon of West Coast leather publishing, 16 years ago. It first saw book form in 1985, through Alternate Publishing. The first BadBoy edition was in 1992. If any 16-year-old book can be a classic, Slaves of the Empire is. 

Now, I can do without the death of the Nubian early in the book, but it is a gladiator story so you've got to expect some gore. The sex starts good and just gets better, building in intensity until the final, not so startling conclusion. Pay attention to the clues Travis slips in. The organs involved go through the same progression, in order of introduction, Magnus is big, Urius is bigger and Marcellus? Well, that guy is unnatural. Urius and Marcellus are the bad guys. But all three of them are Tom of Finland style men. It is fantasy after all.

The characters aren't particularly complex, but Travis has a way of making you suspend disbelief. From the second it makes organs twitch, you want it to be real. The story is far enough in the past so maybe it could be real. Then you will find yourself straining along with someone being stuffed somewhere. It doesn't matter which side of the equation you like to get your anguish from, top or bottom, I'll bet part of you is in there.

Even the switchers out there can like this book. That's all that can be said about that aspect of the story without giving away plot. Except that I find it gratifying since I believe the more ways you look at sex, the more fun you can have with it.

This is definitely a keeper; my copy lives in the big drawer under the futon. Read it with someone you love or someone you want to love -hard. Its current price is $6.95 (a big bang for your buck) and it's available at the big bookstores and from Masquerade Press itself, there are order forms in all their books. 

Review by Eidilon

Tales from the Erotic Edge
A Circlet Omnibus

Edited by Cecilia Tan
Published by Circlet Press, Cambridge Mass.

This collection of the first chap[ters of] books published by Circlet Press in the early nineties is still an excellent melding of science fiction, fantasy and hot sexuality. 

Cecilia Tan's mind doesn't stray far from her favorite things, sex, kinky sex at that, and science fiction so she couldn't resist gathering the best and getting it out there for us to read before anyone else.

She likes to push the envelope, and you're going to find animals involved, you're going to find real slavery, and like all good fantasex the authors go beyond SSC. But let me tell you everyone has a good time, a really hot time. 

What Tan does best is evident here, collecting stories that make you think with your big head and provide plenty of enjoyment for your little heads, that's male or female, straight or gay little heads. It's a keeper folks, buy it, enjoy it, put it away and then you'll re-find it someday and read it over again.

Review by Eidilon

Tender Buns

by P. N. Dedeaux
Published by Masquerade Press

Tender Buns, by P. N. Dedeaux; published by Masquerade Press is a book for the "other" D&S crowd, male dominant/female submissive. There is a wealth of good hurting in any Dedeaux book. What little plot there is revolves around the sexuality of the characters, and that means no pages and pages of dead (non-erotic) space. Poor Madge suffers for her husband in lots of intriguing ways, from initials pinned into her buttocks, to a Grande finale scene at the block where she is "whipped in" by the master flogger Pedro for the enjoyment of all the couples in the club. This is a book for those who enjoy canes, whips, and endorphin highs detailed by a writer able to get inside the dominant and the submissive. If you like this book, try some other Dedeaux titles: Clotilda, or The Nothing Things.

How far do you want to go in your D&S relationship? Let your sub, or subs get your Masters, to read this book and let their reactions be your guide.

Masquerade Books are available at most bookstores, and at Its worth getting on their mailing list for the buy 4 - get one free deal they offer periodically. Masquerade Books has one of the best selections of erotica around, for all persuasions, and try their newsletter for the latest in whats going on in the world of erotic publishing, and exceptional erotic photography.

Review by Eidilon

Topping From Below

By Laura Reese
St. Martin's Press, New York


When her sister, Frannie, is brutally murdered, Nora Tibbs delves into Frannie's private life to find clues to her slaying - and uncovers more than she bargained for.  Much to her surprise, Nora discovers that timid, plain Frannie has been the sexual submissive of M - a local music professor and acknowledged sadist.

Convinced that M is her sister's killer, Nora decides to retrace her sister's sexual steps in order to bring M to justice...but the more she submits to M, the more she discovers her own masochistic side.

I enjoyed this book...the plot was well written, the characters always interesting and complex, and the outcome - although somewhat predictable - did contain a twist I didn't expect.  The author obviously did her homework as far as learning about BDSM prior to writing...she explains D/s and S/m very well, and her descriptions of both M and Nora's play sessions, as well as M's explanations of the lifestyle, are well presented.  Just as Nora is drawn further into the world of S/m, the reader, wondering just how far M will take her into the dark recesses of her mind, is drawn into the lives of Nora and M.

My two complaints about the book: the character of Frannie suffers from mental illness and low self-esteem, which leads her into consenting to BDSM out of desperation for love and attention, as opposed to a true and confident desire to submit.  For me, this gave the story a sour taste.  Also, some of the BDSM play borders on violating the credos of SSC and RACK...and while experienced BDSMers will recognize that these are clearly exaggerated works of fantasy meant to titillate, the average vanilla reader will be left with the impression that all BDSMers like to push play to such questionable extremes.

'Topping From Below' is available from for just over $11.00.  It's a good read to while away a rainy day, but - like the 'Story of O' - not a novel to take too seriously.

Review by Ren

The Velderet

by Cecilia Tan
Published by: Circlet Press

Having read so many books over the years, I can't help but compare new books to things I've read in the past. 
Cecilia Tan's "The Velderet" sticks in my mind initially as a cross between Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" and George Orwell's "1984".

The homogenous, androgynous society that corrects sexual deviance (or any other conflict to the government sanctioned status quo) of "1984" nearly meets the 'everyone belongs to everyone else' mentality of "Brave New World"... with just a hint of the movie "Independence Day" thrown in for good measure, just to make things more interesting. "The Velderet" examines why people are drawn to be submissive or Dominant and how they try to find like-minded others in a society that would reprogram them if they were ever caught. It addresses those things that perhaps concern new lifestylers the most... what if someone finds out? What is wrong with me? And then answers those questions with some futuristic, and often surprising, twists.

Review by Tara

Women's Stories From the Dark Side of Passion

Edited by: Janet Berliner
Published by: Carrol & Graf Publishers, Inc. New York

Who should read this book? Any woman who's been done wrong. It will emotionally satisfy needs to right that wrong. And guys? Well if you've done somebody wrong or are contemplating it the tales in this collection will convince you to go gently into that night.

The essential contradiction of a BDSM lifestyle is the consensual aspect. You know, the eternal, over talked, never ending debate of who has the power in a safe, sane, consensual exchange of power. If you want to know what it's like to let yourself go and experience total, over the edge, power, Desire Burn is the book to do it with. Like all really good eroticism, and there's lots of hot sex in this book, the writing gives you a real, visceral taste of acts and emotions that sanity does not allow. But, our dark sides do need some intellectual exploration every now and then don't they?

There are always stories in a book like this that float to the top after I'm done reading it. You know what I mean, the ones you find yourself thinking about a couple days later at odd moments. If you like to shudder Melanie Tem's Wife of 50 Years and Poppy Z. Brites, Sixth Sentinel, will do it for you. For kick ass, clever, straight revenge P.D. Cacek's Mime Games is very satisfying. For good endings, the kind that you don't see coming, Jan Barrette's Patent Pending, and Martha Soukup's Having Keith will leave you shaking your head.

Check out the list of permissions in the front of the book before you put down your $10.00 though, a lot of these stories have been published in collections you may already have.

Review by Eidilon

ZAFTIG - Well Rounded Erotica

Edited by: Hanne Blank
Published by: Cleis Press, 2001

"Zaftig means juicy, voluptuous, plump and round in a deliciously sensual sort of way" (from the introduction). The prose in this book is all of that and more. What a lush collection of hot sensual stories. Written for everyone, it's a celebration of big.

'Cleavage,' by Diana Lee is a good shot of a butch play party dungeon and all. Seduced by cleavage, a deep canyon of soft white flesh, Val follows the trail to big brown nipples and hot hurting fun is had by all.

Fat is dealt with, the pain of it, the hurt of it, the joy of it, the hot sexiness of avowed hedonists abounds in this slender volume.

'Denial' is a good one, a former heavyweight living through watching others eat and enjoy. It's ironic, it's hot and like many others there's a message there but like all the tales, the story and the sex is more important.

No preaching, just lots of enjoyment. These women know how to write about sex and size, some is sensual and soft some is hard and raunchy, and lots of it is downright funny.

Look for it at the big bookstores or on-line it is worth the search.

Review by Eidilon


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