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CUFSmaine, established in June of 1997,  is a nonprofit Maine corporation serving the BDSM and Alternative Lifestyle communities in New England.  

Run by Mistress Ren and lafayette{Ren}, along with consultation provided by Blue Heron (of CUFSmaine and Northern Maine Kinksters), and Miss Heather (of Bound For Pleasure, Boston), CUFSmaine provides support, non-play social opportunities, and educational classes to the BDSM/Alternative community as well as education and outreach services to the vanilla community


Mistress Ren  (Renée Michaud Cabaup)

Photo Copyright aleyna 2002

Ren, one of the Co-Founders of CUFSmaine, is a 40 year old Domme originally from Metrowest, Massachusetts. 

Formerly an active member of the Boston scene (Sinsations BBS and Sinners Lounge, Quest, Restraints, and Attleboro), Ren has been enthusiastically involved in BDSM for over 10 years, but interested since her early years, when she excelled in teddy bear bondage.  Ren started her BDSM journey in the Old Guard tradition as a submissive - albeit, an extremely bad one - before training to be on the other end of the flogger.  She and her former husband,  LesVoiles, founded CUFSmaine in June of 1997, shortly after she moved to Maine.  


Ren is the primary writer of the 'CUF Link' Newsletter, author of many of the articles found on the CUFSmaine website, and author/researcher of many of the brochures distributed by CUFSmaine.  Ren is usually manning the computer at 'CUFS Central' and answers most of the incoming mail.  I f you have questions regarding alternative sexuality and/or the group, she is always happy to offer assistance.

Ren is an educator and activist within the BDSM scene, as well as an educator to the general (vanilla) public, specializing in awareness and acceptance of sexual diversity, safety, and the psychology of BDSM.  She is one of the official spokespersons for CUFSmaine.  She is a former Massachusetts EMT-A and a sexual assault prevention instructor.  Ren is an alternative lifestyle liaison/consultant to various social services within Maine, including Family Crisis Services (where she trained and received certification as a volunteer domestic violence advocate), Sexual Assault Response Services, The Abused Woman's Advocacy Program, and hospitals across the state.  

Ren is currently employed within the New Hampshire medical community and is a part-time college student, studying social services and criminal justice - she is specializing in stalking, domestic abuse, and sexual assault prevention and counseling, and hopes one day to work with either a State Police Department or domestic violence/sexual assault crisis and prevention center.

Ren is affiliated with CUFSmaine, Bound for Pleasure - Boston, Alternative Lifestyles Untied Retreats (ALUR), The New England Leather Association (NELA), New England S/m Activists (NESMA) and The National Leather Association - International (NLA-I), where she is the former New England Regional Coordinator for the NLA-I Domestic Violence Project.

Ren lives in the North Country region of New Hampshire with her loving husband/submissive, lafayette (aka: joe), who keeps her busy with his wise-ass antics!  They live an almost 24/7 lifestyle, except for during Judo class, where lafayette - who happens to be Ren's rather sadistic martial arts instructor - likes to remind her that he "owns her ass" from 3:30 to 5pm on Tuesday afternoons .....luckily, Ren has a good sense of humor AND a large collection of whips!

lafayette{Ren}  (Joe Cabaup)

Photo Copyright aleyna 2003

I have been interested in BDSM ever since I discovered that Grandma's detective magazines with the tied up model on the front did more for me than my friend's Playboys and Hustlers. Then came Charlie's Angels. Kate Jackson cuffed and gagged...mmmmm. That was better than the 'blondes' bouncing around. Ms. Jackson, if you are reading this... THANK YOU!

While in college in the late 80’s I knew I was different but there was no public support groups in the area.  The Internet was not quite as prevalent but I discovered BDSM on GEine and the Boston Dungeon Society. I found that there were others like me out there. I began lurking around the BBS and the shops in Boston, not quite daring to plunge in.   I stayed on the fringe until 03May 2003 when I went to my first public munch with White Mts. Different Strokes.  I shall remember that day as it is the same date that my beloved Old Man of the Mountain fell off his granite cliff.

Yeah, I am submissive but with a wicked sadistic streak.  I do enjoy topping every now and again but I’m too lazy to become one of those anal retentive Dominants.

My Mistress wants me to add something about Her keeping me in line and whipping me into shape, but I am too much of a wise ass to do that.  Just wait until I get Her back on the Judo mats (I am not only Her subbie boy and husband but also Her martial arts instructor).

HeatherBFP  (Miss Heather)

Photo compliments of Miss Heather

Miss Heather is the Founder of "Bound for Pleasure", a New England BDSM Social Group which started as a BBS in 1992.

An active member of the Boston Scene, Miss Heather has often been deemed "controversial" for following her own path and rules of safety for her members.

Miss Heather collared her submissive david (of Coyote Whips) a few years ago and enjoys his talent as a professional whipmaker.

For more information, please visit:


Blue Heron

Photo courtesy of Blue Heron

“BLUE”, a 53-year-old Dom who lives in Midcoast Maine, has been “out and about” in the BDSM lifestyle since All Hallows Eve, 2001 but had been curiously lurking on since November 0f 1997.  “The three years of lurking online can not be compared to the 2 1/2 years “out & about” real time!” He believes, and “My philosophy has been one of learning ‘the life’ before enjoying it!

“I had a belief that I was a Dominant Male, but I had nothing to base it on because I lacked the knowledge base and real-time experience!”


 He admits, “ getting involved ‘real time’, attending face to face Munches and classes, and most importantly talking to like minded folks”, He points out, “ Accepting my status as a “newbie” asking a lot of questions and yes, even learning from my mistakes has confirmed my belief! But I would have made even more mistakes without “a little help from my friends! And you know who you are!”


Blue became active in all of the Maine organizations and was shortly the “secretary” of the, now disbanded, Northern Maine Kinksters (NMK).  “I am very committed to BDSM organizations and the valuable function they serve”, he declares,  “I have been ambivalent about being “outed in” the lifestyle but have no ambivalence about advocating for acceptance and tolerance ”of” the lifestyle, and if that means a personal decision to “come out”? So be it!!”


Our thanks to aleyna, photographer extraordinaire, for most of the wonderful portraits!  Please check out her other BDSM themed photos at her personal site:



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