Censorship is on everyone’s mind there days after the announcement by the Attorney General to rid the Internet of ‘obscenities’ by cracking down on adult and alternative sexuality websites.  Plenty of folks are exercising their right to free speech by writing essays, blogs, etc.  I decided to go a different route, and help out our great government by providing them with:

The Top Ten Things the Government Can Be Doing With Their Time Instead of Cracking Down on Adult and Alternative Websites

Now….please, keep in mind that these are my rantings.  I’m no political genius (I’m sure some of you will definitely agree with that!)…this is simply how I see it and how I feel…..

The Government Can:

10 –   Start better regulating the spending habits of the government – and our tax dollars – in general.  An entire FBI Task Force to investigate porn and BDSM websites??  C’mon…doesn’t the FBI have better things to do, like catching the criminals on the Ten Most Wanted List and concentrating on kidnappings, murders, and government corruption?

9 – Stop giving huge tax breaks to the rich, and help out the ‘working poor’ a bit more.  The old saying ‘The rich get richer and the poor get poorer’ definitely apply with our government.  Fat cats running corporations are allowed to hide money in any number of tax loopholes without penalty, while working parents who pay for child care under the table get hauled into the IRS for a costly audit.  What’s wrong here??  The more money you make, the more you should pay in taxes – period!  And those loopholes?  Either get rid of them or make them accessible to everyone.

8 – Have FEMA teams already in place BEFORE a natural disaster, so they can keep a closer eye on the growing situation, make realistic assessments of assistance needed, and be able to provide an immediate response.  It does no good to send them in after a natural disaster, especially if they can’t get TO the disaster site in a timely manner.  The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina should be a lesson.

7 - Step forward and reign in insurance companies that milk consumers for ‘flood insurance.’  Insurance companies claim that they have the right to insist that folks who live in ‘flood prone areas’ pay for an additional policy….but then, why isn’t there ‘tornado insurance’ for those who live in tornado alley….or ‘blizzard insurance’ for people in the northern states?  Regulation is needed.

6 – Implement a better prescription drug program for our elderly so they don’t have to choose between paying for basic living expenses or paying for the drugs necessary to keep them alive and healthy.  Even better, have the government investigate drug companies and figure out why they charge so much for their products.  My thought?  If drug companies stopped blowing money on pens, paper pads, t-shirts, and box seats to ball games for doctors – as well as two-hour physician seminars squeezed into a weeklong, all-expense paid trip to the Bahamas – they would be able to lower the cost of drugs.  Surely the government knows our elderly population is struggling in this respect…why aren’t they doing something about it?

5 –  Make healthcare affordable for ALL American citizens.  I’m tired of the government saying that there isn’t funding available for affordable healthcare…. if the government can afford to hand out millions of dollars so scientists can study the sexual habits of fruit flies, it can afford to take care of its population.  We also seem to always be able to find millions of dollars to assist foreign countries…..the fact that the government can’t assist all our citizens who need healthcare is a slap in the face.

4 –   Have the Supreme Court spend their time listening to important cases – cases that truly involve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Abortion rights?  Yes.  Gay marriage?  You bet.  The right for an ill individual to choose to die?  Absolutely.  Hearing a case where the plaintiff doesn’t want to mention GOD in the pledge of allegiance?  Give me a break.  My solution……just shut your mouth when you come to that part. 

3 –   Return our National Guard to BEING the National Guard.  The majority of our guard signed for this particular branch because it would allow them to serve their country ‘close to home’ on a schedule that fit into their busy lives.  They never realized that ‘one weekend a month and two weeks of training a year’ could actually translate into 365 plus days of service in a foreign country.  Our Guard is meant to protect the home front and provide assistance during disaster situations…not replace the standing military during time of war.

2 –   Bring our troops home!!  This war has gone on too long, and the price has been too steep.  How many more young lives must be sacrificed before our President wakes up?  If he’s so gung-ho about keeping our troops involved in war, let him pick up a rifle and stand along side our brave soldiers!

And the number one thing the Government can do with their time……

1 – Start cracking down on the truly obscene and deviant websites on the Internet and their owners.  NOT the BDSMers….NOT the swingers…NOT webmasters who offer porn to consenting adults of legal age…..

Start cracking down on the PEDOPHILES who use the Internet - and their websites full of twisted content - to find, attract, and lure children into their clutches.  Begin prosecuting the sickos who abuse the children of America and steal their innocence.

These repulsive men and women are the real deviants of the Internet, and their websites are the true epitome of ‘obscene’…… sites like NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association), which glorifies ‘loving’ sexual relationships between men and underage boys, and Butterfly Kisses, which provides how-to information to female pedophiles seeking to prey upon young girls.  These sites – and others along the same vein – are the ones upon which the Attorney General, the FBI, and the government should be focusing their attention and actions.

Our government needs to get its proprieties straight…..and our Attorney General needs to find something better to do with his spare time and the American people’s money.  I applaud that he wants to clean up the Internet and rid it of obscene material, but those sites that are run by adults - and intended for consenting adults – should not be his target.

One person’s definition of ‘obscene’ is another person’s enjoyment.  People have the CHOICE not to visit sites that they deem to be offensive.  It’s time the American people take responsibly for their own actions on the Internet, and stop insisting that the government do it for them.

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