Supporting CUFSmaine

Ways You Can Help The Organization Flourish

Purchase a CUFSmaine Membership:  (Note:  Memberships are currently on hold as we westructure the organization - thank you.)

Your membership fees go back into the organization to cover operating fees (such as conference room rental, supplies, instructor expenses, etc.), promotional expenses (table rentals at BDSM events), website hosting, and other expenses that keep the organization running.  For more information, please see our membership page.

Make a Monetary Donation:

Monetary donations are always welcome!  Currently, we are in need of funds to support our ongoing education of vanilla agencies, including police departments, hospitals, and social service agencies.  If you'd like to make a donation, it may be made by:

  • Dropping your donation off at a Munch, class, the B&D Fetish Shopping Spree, or at the CUFSmaine table at events such as the NELA Fetish Fair Fleamarket

  • Offering a percentage of your BDSM related business to the organization.  For a list of participating businesses, click here.  If you'd like to be included, please email us at

    **** Please Note:  Monetary donations to CUFSmaine are NOT tax deductible.

Donate Needed Supplies:

We can always use copy paper, name badges, manila folders, hanging files, stamps, legal sized envelopes, etc.  Supplies may be dropped off at the Munch or classes.  if you have questions about which supplies may be needed, please contact us at:

Other appreciated supplies - items that we may raffle off to raise funds - BDSM toys, gift certificates to BDSM merchants, a non-sexual BDSM service (both Dominant and submissive - use your imagination!), etc.  Please contact us at if you'd like to donate an item or a non-sexual D/s service.

Donate a Service:

Can you print mass quantities of flyers?  Able to fold flyers like a pro?  Can you deliver flyers to local businesses?  Are you talented at a particular skill and willing to teach?  Can you volunteer time to help out at the Spree or one of the other events where we promote CUFSmaine?  If so, let us know!  Help is ALWAYS appreciated!

Spread the Word About the Group:

The Internet is a great means of advertising, but word of mouth - and satisfaction with the group - is the best advertising we could ask for!  Please let folks know about CUFSmaine, and encourage them to check us out.  :)

Companies that Contribute a Percentage of their Business to CUFSmaine, Inc.

Castle Fantasy Productions

Are you looking for that unique gift for someone special?  Maybe you have an idea but are afraid that most people will not accept it?  Fear not, Castle Fantasy Productions is here for you.  We are a “Kink Friendly” company specializing in a variety of media formats.  Here are a few things we offer:

-- Digital Photography and editing
-- Photo Presentations
-- Video Production (DVD/VHS)
-- Video Transfers
-- Web Pages
-- Computer Design, Repair and Training
-- And More, your imagination is our limitation.

As a member or non-member of CUFSmaine, a percentage of every project will go to support the organization.  So why not see your imagination come to life and support the organization at the same time?

For more information, please contact us at:




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