Sexual Assault Prevention Class

Basic class outline and information for groups interested in holding a Sexual Assault/Stalking Prevention training seminar.

There is no fee for this class, however, donations to sustain the CUFSmaine organization are greatly appreciated.

Instructors - Renee and Joe Cabaup, CUFSmaine Inc.

Please find below an outline of the sexual assault/stalking prevention class that we have offered in both Massachusetts and Maine.

Class runs approximately 2.5 hours (which includes a short break) and includes not only a lecture and questions and answer section, but also a 'hands on' section which teaches simple but effective ways to break free from a perpetrator's grasp, and escape from a possibly violent situation.

Class includes a detailed handout (self authored) on safety procedures presented in class as well as other safety concerns, such as traveling alone, safety in the car, safety on dates, Internet safety, etc. Other handouts regarding sexual assault - usually obtained from local Sexual Assault Coalition Agencies - will also be available.

Due to the graphic nature of sexual assault itself, class language is frank (not profane) about sexual assault.

Class is geared toward BOTH sexes - men are encouraged to attend!

**** A general, public based class is geared toward teens (15+) and adults.  Alternative sexuality organizations (BDSM, GLBiT, and fetish groups) wishing to offer a class must ensure that all attendees are over the legal age for that state, as such classes will include information specific to those communities.


Class Instructors:  Renée and Joseph Cabaup
c/o CUFSmaine, Inc., PO Box 833, Littleton, NH 03561 or

Renée Cabaup - First taught SA prevention in Massachusetts as an EMT-A, to both private groups and colleges. She has most recently taught SA in Portland Maine (January 2004) for a private, non-profit group. Renée is a certified domestic violence volunteer advocate (Portland, ME.), and a current social services/criminal justice major (University of Maine - Augusta), focusing on and specializing in the 'power' crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Renée is also a stalking survivor.

Joseph Cabaup - Is a former EMT-A with experience in the North Country, NH., and a graduate of Keene State College with a degree in Occupational Safety. Joseph is a black belt, 1st class, in Kodokan Judo, and presents the self defense aspects of the SA/stalking class. He is the founder and coach of the North Country Kodokan Judo Club, located in Groveton, NH., as well as a member of the United States Judo Association.

General Class Outline - Sections covered::

General Safety in Public Places

-- Keeping safe on the Streets

-- Keeping Safe in Parking Lots

-- Keeping safe in clubs and parties

-- Keeping safe while driving

Who do you trust? Gavin DeBecker’s 7 Warning Signs (From ‘The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker – Dell Publishing, 1997)

-- Forced Teaming

-- Charm and Niceness

-- Too Many Details.

-- Typecasting

-- Loan-sharking

-- The Unsolicited Promise

-- Discounting the word “No”

Stalking and Stalking Prevention

-- Definition – (varies depending on state where class is being taught)

-- Gavin De Becker elaborates on the definition of stalking:

-- Stalking activities

-- Victims

-- Physical, Emotional, and psychological Effects of Stalking

-- What kinds of people stalk?

-- The three types of stalkers

-- How to stop stalking before it starts

Sexual Assault Prevention

-- Sexual Assault (definition)

-- 2 types of sexual assault

-- Tips to keep you from being a target:

-- Weapons – Pros and Cons

-- What to do if you sense a possible attack

-- What to do if you are grabbed/attacked

-- Survival during a sexual assault (if you cannot escape and assault is eminent)

Methods of Escape - 'Hands On' Training

-- Vulnerable areas to attack

-- Escape from wrist/arm grabs

-- Escape from neck/choke holds

-- Escape from clothing grabs

-- Escape from body hold

-- Escape from hair grab

-- Escape from kneeling position

-- Escape from laying position

Recommended books on safety


If you should have any questions regarding our presentation, please don't hesitate to contact us, c/o   Please place 'Sexual Assault Prevention Class' in the heading

Renée Michaud Cabaup
President, CUFSmaine, Inc.

Joe Cabaup
Board of Trustees, CUFSmaine, Inc.


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