Pony Play Essay

Walk ON - My Day in Pony Training

By Monorail the pony

Note:  The following was written by a ponyboy following a day at a European Pony Camp ... the italicized section is the author's personal thoughts as written to his instructor.

Lady Sharlotte, Mistress Jessica and stable hand Freddie picked me up in their Land Rover in front of my Hotel at 9:00 AM as stated in Mistress Jessica's last e-mail.  We arrived at de Ferre before 10:00 and I was delighted to help carry boxes of supplies into the woods, being quite taken by the look and smell of black leather harnesses etc. in one box.  Eventually, all of today's participants were gathered and introduced to each other.  Ian and I were there for Ponyboy training and a couple were returning for the second time and playing on their own.   She was dressed to the hilt in English riding habit and he was a Ponyboy.

Shortly before 11:00 we went to the stable area and were told to remove our clothes except the male genitals were to remain covered (Law.)  Shortly Ian and I were standing in the stable area, naked except for briefs and boots.  We were each fitted with our tack; a bridal (head harness with a delrin bit,) a waist harness with straps over the shoulder, and our hands were secured together behind our backs. Most of the time reigns or a lead clipped to the cheek rings were held by our trainer or tied to some object Lady Sharlotte informed us that we were now ponies and not to talk.

Shortly after that Lady Sharlotte asked me a question that I attempted to reply to by voice through the bit.  Lady Sharlotte's response was my first verbal chewing out and whipping of many that day.

I find it difficult to express my deepest feeling about those magic moments when the fitting was over and you fastened the harness snugly around my midriff, tethered my wrists together, then put the bit in my mouth and buckled the bridle on my head.  This was the final moment of my gradual submission to you, my transformation to a pony; the exchange of power and responsibility for my well being to you while I accepted your dominance over me. I was a pony unless I used the safe word or until they released me. My body tingled all over.  I suspect my male organ may have showed my enjoyment from time to time but I was not generally aware of my groin.  I was too immersed in the events of the moment.

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the tack and wrist restraints felt. The waist harness was quite snug yet comfortable and sat between my hips and ribs without chaffing.  The bit was soft enough to give a little when I clamped down and small enough (about 3/4" I guess) that my jaws did not get uncomfortable. My shoulders were not flexible enough for an arm binder (my elbows stuck out too far) so my wrists were tied and cinched by a pair of leather straps carefully adjusted by Mistress Jessica. There was sufficient slack so that my circulation was OK but I was not going to slip my hands out.  After lunch, Lady Sharlotte added an elbow restraint to pull my elbows in because I had commented that one of the carts seemed different in that it bounced up and hit my elbows unless I held them in.  This additional restraint was more restrictive yet felt more comfortable.

I have had fantasies since a child about being captured or surrendering, then sentenced and punished for my transgressions.  Being restrained and controlled, usually by girls and forced to some form of work such as chained or harnessed to push a turnstile or pull a wagon, cart or reel type lawn mower.  The enforcers used whips, paddles or cattle prods. When not working we would be in some form of public restraint (stocks, pillory or cage.) or chained to beds to rest.   I would often fall asleep attempting to solve minor details of how to harness and restrain a boy so he could do the work, yet remain restrained so he could not escape and not chafe his body as leg irons might.

I was impressed with the simplicity of the tack and harnessing methods used at de Ferre.  A 'D' ring on each side of the pony's snug waist harness was attached by leather straps running fore and aft to "D" rings under the shafts of the cart or carriage.  The force of the pony's legs is transferred directly to the cart through the hips with very little backlash. The arms are out of harms way behind the back in armbinders or cinched.

Contrast this with another common method of attaching the pony's wrist cuffs directly to the shafts, with or without, attaching the harness to the shafts.  Either would cause much of the force to be transferred through the shoulders and arms.

For starters, we were led away from the stables to the paddock where Ian received Dressage training and I was harnessed to a cart. Mistress Jessica double-checked the harness, sat on the cart and picked up the reigns.  I felt the weight and force on my harness as she shifted her weight.

"Walk on boy" was the command given by Mistress Jessica in a lilt that was music to my Yankee ears.  At my first attempted step, nothing happened.  I needed to put my foot hoof back and lean into the harness to start the cart rolling. Mistress Jessica let me walk for a while then indicated I should move faster which put me into a trot. Mistress Jessica was very light and subtle on the reigns. I was encouraged from time to time by the quirt on my back or buttocks if I slowed down or otherwise acted improperly.  I felt I was picking my own path around corners.  Later, when Lady Sharlotte drove me, she was more positive in her driving including use of the reigns.  As we approached intersections I was guessing which way we were going to go, thus anticipating the turn.  One time with Lady Sharlotte, she reined me to the right and I had already decided we were going left and continued to go left until she forcefully corrected me.  I was rewarded  punished for this and other pony errors on several occasions by being told "turn sideways and hands up" by Lady Sharlotte who then applied her crop to my buttocks.  She did get my attention.

When I was mentally reviewing the whole event, I began to realize that being a bad pony had its rewards if one enjoys light CP.  I am not at all certain how deep into "pony space" I got.  I do know I was enjoying the various things we did very much.  I was thinking way too much when we did a slalom race, trying to "top from the bottom" maybe.

After a while of pulling the cart we returned to the paddock where I was released from the cart and reigns, and dressage lead was snapped to my cheek ring.  Ian and I reversed roles and he was then attached to the cart.   I was then told to "walk on" when of course I came up against the lead and I had to move in a circle. After a few turns I was put through several things such as stepping high with my knees and trotting.  Lady Sharlotte used her dressage whip with some regularity when she was not satisfied with my performance.  I don't think Lady Sharlotte was too pleased with my performance because she mentioned not taking dressage seriously when she whipped me later.

Before we started, we were all offered the opportunity to "stay in role through the lunch break."  There were no takers that day.  I regret that I made the decision hastily based on my perceived need for a rest break where I could get off my feet for a while and because I had not been to successful at home eating granola from a bowl with my tongue.  Another factor in that decision was I wanted the opportunity to mingle with the other participants, as this was my first time in a group BDSM scene.  Next time, I will ask some detail questions about how a pony may drink, eat, go to the bathroom and rest before making that decision.  

When the lunch break came and we were released from the tack and pony role and told to get dressed, I had a weird empty feeling for a few moments.  Both at lunch and at the end of the day, I really missed for a few moments the symbols or devices of my bondage as well as the freedom of my bondage. I am just beginning to understand how the bondage frees the sub from making real world decisions. Suddenly had to make decisions about what to wear and choices about what to eat and drink and where to sit. Strange!   Is this part of what sub or pony space is about?

I have been doing self-bondage in a mild form since a teenager.  I did not know the word bondage in this context until I discovered BDSM in various forms on the Internet 3 or 4 years ago.  My first Pro Domme scene about a year ago was very successful in many ways. After more than a few minutes discussion I was blindfolded bound and gagged. Then, over a two-hour period, in diverse positions, I was flogged with varying intensity and a variety of instruments varying in intensity. Each time I was brought to a higher level. I had a similar empty feeling when she released me.  Unfortunately this Mistress moved to New Mexico.  My only other scene with a Pro Domme did not work.  Not enough communication before and she kept asking me questions and breaking off my sinking into sub space.

One of the many highlights of the day was when Ian and I, similar in size and weight, were harnessed as a team to the 4-wheel carriage.  I believe we worked well together.  I was taking great satisfaction in feeling I was able to keep up with Ian, a man who was more than 30 years younger and a runner.  Near the end of this workout, I pushed Ian against a tree in a tight spot when I shied away from the tree on my side because I thought I was going to hit.   Bad pony again but I was not punished for that because the driver, Mistress Jessica accepted responsibility.  I felt bad at that point because I could not communicate my guilt with out going out of role, for which I would have been punished anyway.

There are a variety of ways of human pony play.  There are two legged and 4-legged ponies.  Two legged ponies may be driven (harnessed to something and controlled and directed by reigns and voice) or ridden (the rider sits bareback or on a saddle on the back or shoulders of the pony.)  Sometimes, the term 'rider' is used to indicate one who is driving. We were 2 legged ponies and only driven, never ridden.

Near the end of the day, first Mistress Jessica and then Lady Sharlotte took me for a run.  I was running up and down the hills.  On the last run with Lady Sharlotte, I was tired and starting to let the cart push me down hill, thus picking up speed and Lady Sharlotte wisely slowed me downs with gentle pressure on the reigns and by saying  "slow it down boy." It was quite easy to pivot my legs forward to put backpressure on the cart through my harness and use my legs to gradually slow the cart down.

In our day of pony training we were introduced to a variety of tasks, not limited to but including: being driven blindfolded; pulling a heavy log drag; being tethered and left for a while (once blindfolded); Dressage; jumping; pulling a cart through a slalom course; paired with another pony to pull the carriage as a team.

I have good aerobic conditioning and strong legs due to the amount of aerobic sports I am fortunate to be able to do.  I was breathing through my nose until on several occasions I needed more and also breathed through my mouth around the bit.  That felt strange but it worked.  Both Mistress Jessica and Lady Sharlotte would push me than allow time to recover.  I still recall the wonderful feelings, I was having, running or trotting up a hill, pulling the cart and driver, breathing hard, sweating, being asked, coerced, driven to do what my driver demanded, and loving it and wanting to please, while at the same time my head, body and arms were harnessed and restrained.  I was helpless, not in control, using my body hard, outdoors; being encouraged by voice and quirt when needed to do the task at hand.  I was also reveling in my body's ability and willingness to respond to running up a hill and how quickly I recovered at the top breathing deeply to slow down the pulse rate.

Lady Sharlotte may remember that after she had given me a couple of whacks, she asked me "�if that was sufficient punishment or something to that effect and I responded by shaking my head in the negative.  Lady Sharlotte then gave me a couple more whacks, a little harder this time and asked the question again and I responded in the affirmative.  That first negative response was not a mistake on my part.  It was difficult to smile with a bit in my mouth and I wanted a couple more whacks because I deserved the punishment but not the reward.

 About me.  

I am a married heterosexual male who recently discovered that there are other people in this world who react to certain stimuli in a similar way.  I like to be tied up, I get excited when I see someone else tied, handcuffed or otherwise restrained.  I am turned on and yet frightened by the thought of  corporal punishment.  I have not shared these thoughts with anyone close and I so want to.

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