Military Men and the Domme Who Loves Them

By Mistress Ren

I have quite a few 'fetishes' that get my mojo running......dark hair, brown or hazel eyes, baby faces on big strong men, and guys with a sense of controlled recklessness - which would probably explain my fascination with Steve Irwin (as you all know from one of my previous writings...), and my extreme attraction to my own dear lafayette. :)

But the one 'fetish' I'm most known for - the one that really catches my attention and has made me infamous as my proclivity for military men.

Everyone thinks it's the uniforms that strike my fancy - and I admit - that is a part of it…but the main attraction isn't the clothing…it's the entire package….

First off, like the Old Guard in which I was trained, the military - regardless of branch - is steeped in traditions and protocols. In fact, Old Guard is itself based upon military protocols. For this reason, working with military men is much more satisfying as far as submissive training goes, as military men tend not to question orders and have better finesse and stamina when it comes to falling into and maintaining positions.

Military men who are submissives also know how to respect a lady - especially a lady of the Dominant persuasion who could possibly hold power (or rank) over them. :) The words 'Yes Ma'am," and "No Ma'am" roll off their lips as easily as the breath they have drawn, and their respect of the lady in control is no different from that they have given their superior officers.

And then…there's the attitude of military men. :) You see, military men are unlike other guys (sorry!). Military men are disciplined, controlled, steadfast in dangerous situations, and yet, upon command, can be aggressive and decisive. They have quick reflexes, extensive knowledge weapons (always appealing to a whip wielding Dominant), and the attitude that nothing will break them or cause them to crumble, cry, or beg for mercy - least of all, a five foot tall female Domme…..

And therein, folks, lies - for me - the great attraction. <wicked evil grin> Because there is nothing I like better than breaking big strong men who raise me to the challenge. :)

A long time ago, when I discovered my love of military men, I decided upon a lofty self-challenge - to Dominate all branches of the United States Armed Forces. It all began with my first partner - a Dominant (I began my training as a submissive), and an executive officer in the Coast Guard. He made the grievous mistake one evening of offering up his body to me while I was undergoing my Dominant training….and I quickly discovered just how much of a thrill it was to reduce a big strong soldier to tears and begging!. :)

At the same time, I was topping a male friend who happened to be a lieutenant in the Navy and a former Merchant Marine. He was a good foot taller than I, with wide shoulders and a brash New York attitude that rivaled his officer cockiness. He was the first to openly declare that I'd 'never break him' and he'd 'never beg.' Within a few intensive hours of sensual Domination - and repeated refusals to allow him release - he did both. :)

My next military conquest was a Marine stationed in Bangor, Maine. He was a Master Sergeant in the Corps with almost 20 years of continuous service. He was not only well trained in hand-to-hand combat, but also in prisoner of war survival tactics. He presented new challenges, as floggers, canes - even singletails - didn't faze him or even cause him to flinch. He would grin evilly and tell me that he'd wear me out long before he'd crumble. A combination of refusal of release and threats of using the 'zipper' soon had him putty in my hands.

My Marine was followed by two friends - one a former Marine who was a MP in the Maine Army National Guard, and the other a Petty Officer in the Navy. Both were happy to assist me with my 'mission,' as by this time, it was starting to become widely known. :) My guardsman friend and I had a brief play stint one evening when I was traveling, and Navy friend - a Dominant at heart - came to me to learn about the 'other side' (being submissive) in order to better understand the mindset and emotions of his submissive partner. While I did not need to 'conquer' them, each provided me with wonderful play experiences, and a couple more notches in my flogger belt. :)

Then, came my dear lafayette. lafayette is a former Coast Guard Specialist and member of the New Hampshire Army National Guard, where he also attended Officer Candidate School. He is probably one of the cockiest guy I've ever met, and he's all attitude….he'll gladly use his command of 'sailor's language' to put anyone who crosses him in their place….but, he's completely submissive to me. Within him, I get the joy of a well-trained soldier, along with the devotion and love of a dedicated D/s partner. I've also gotten much, much more, as he is my husband as well. :) when we met, he was ready to embrace submission, and thus, I didn't have to fight for his reactions…but he fulfills my military desires with his controlled bearing, his command of protocols, and his respect of my authority.

Not too long ago, I took stock of my mission, and - having corrupted members of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard - I realized that one branch was missing….the Air Force. Hmmmm, I wondered… was I going to accomplish my Dominant goal?? Hanscom Air force Base in New Hampshire was closed, along with every other Air force base in NE…….and, I didn't know any submissive in the USAF. :(

I had given up hope - after all, it seemed kind of tacky to me to just advertise for a USAF submissive. So I decided to be content with my accomplishments and live life out happy to have been blessed with so many great partners in my life. Life went on, and lafayette and I happily began advertising for an occasional male playmate.

Along came B….a firefighter EMT (I seem to be collecting those of late…), who has the potential to be an occasional partner. During our many discussions as lafayette and I placed him into consideration, he casually mentioned that he had been a member of the Armed Forces… guessed it! The Air Force! :) So, we put him through the paces one evening, and I am now pleased to say that my military mission is fulfilled!

People have asked me if - now that I've conquered the American Military - I will lose interest in men in uniform. I doubt it. There are so many aspects of Military men that are dear to my heart….their attitudes, love of formality, protocols and etiquette, and their desire to serve and please female a Dominant…which rivals or even surpasses their desire to serve and please their superior officers. What Domme could pass on such wonderful attributes?

Besides….what better way for me to 'serve' my country than to keep our brave boys in uniform happy? :)

Mistress Ren
(copyright, 2004 - may not be reprinted without permission)


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