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Rubber Masters
(Maine)  Rubber Masters (formerly R&R Designs) offers a growing selection of  unusual, handcrafted fetish gear. Our material of choice is rubber. Our specialty is rubber whips, floggers and single tails, which are available in a variety of styles. They are all designed to be effective and durable. We also produce harnesses, collars, arm and wrist bands, cock rings, and other c/b toys. All of these items are layered, sewn, and assembled by hand for maximum quality, comfort and durability. Rounding out our collection is a variety of lead weights. We are always working on something new.

(Maine)  We are creators of BDSM and alternative lifestyle gear.  Our online shop offers you high quality leather and wood bondage gear, paddles, floggers, restraints, collars and other novelties.

We strive to provide every individual with a high quality item that should last through many years of  use, while not requiring them to take out a loan to pay for it.  We use only the best of materials .  Each piece is crafted by us (unless noted otherwise) to meet our high expectations with attention being paid to the smallest of details.  Each product is put through rigorous testing by us prior to being added to our line.

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