CUFSmaine/CUFSnorth's History

How it all began,
and our plans for the future of the organization

CUFSmaine was established in June of 1997 by Mistress Ren and LesVoiles after repeated requests for information from Mainers about BDSM happenings.  Upon discovering that there was no organization supporting the pansexual BDSM scene in Maine, Ren and LesVoiles decided to pool their knowledge from the Boston and New York scenes and establish a support/social group.

CUFSmaine's first meetings were held in the food court of the Maine Mall, which we quickly outgrew.  From there, we progressed to Java Joe's coffee house in the Old Port, and finally to our long term 'home', the Holiday Inn By the Bay in downtown Portland.  

In the Spring of 1999, CUFSmaine became a Maine non-profit social service agency serving over 450 kinksters within the state.  CUFSmaine, Inc. was run by a board of five trustees, all of whom shared the same vision and goals for the longevity of the group as well as the education of its members.  CUFSmaine not only existed to assist those within the alternative sexuality community, but also to educate others about the lifestyle and lovestyle we practice. CUFSmaine strictly adhered to the practices of SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink), and did not discriminate regarding race, religion, disabilities, legal age (must be 18+), sexual orientation, or gender.

CUFSmaine was  pleased to be Maine's FIRST pansexual BDSM-Alternative Lifestyle 
group, and proud to serve the community.

In January of 2005, following eight and a half years of serving the Maine community, CUFSmaine closed down all physical aspects of the organization in the Portland area, due to lack of funding.  It was a bittersweet decision, but one that opened the door to a new future for the CUFSmaine organization....


The Future of CUFSmaine/CUFSnorth

Although CUFSmaine has closed down, the parent group - CUFSmaine, Inc. - is still alive and running.  After a hiatus during 2005, long term plans for the organization include renaming (CUFSnorth) and reorganizing in New Hampshire (where the president and vice president of the organization reside), and establishing classes and social outreach within the state.

We look forward to our new CUFSnorth

Renée Michaud Cabaup, President
Joseph Cabaup, Vice President




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