Fun With Flagging

 By Mistress Ren

 Copyright 2001 – Mistress Ren, CUFSmaine, Inc.

I spent some of last evening figuring out my flags.

For those of you not familiar with the process, flagging refers to the wearing in the back pocket of different 
colored/designed hankies.  Flagging was started in the gay Leather community as a discreet way of letting 
others know if you are a Dominant or submissive, and, depending upon the colors you choose, what kinds of 
activities you prefer.

For example, if you wear a gray hanky in your back LEFT pocket, you are flagging to be a Dominant/Top 
who enjoys doing bondage – if you wear your gray hanky in the RIGHT back pocket, you are a 
submissive/bottom who enjoys being trussed up.

Easy, huh?

Well…..not quite.

Flagging can get complicated…as I quickly discovered.

By the time I had finished going over the extensive list of hanky color codes, I discovered that I wouldn’t have 
a hanky hanging out of my back left pocket….I would have a multicolored tail.  Gray for bondage….Teal for 
CBT….Dark Pink for nipple torture…..Fuscia for spanking…..and the list went on…..and on…and on……!

Then….a conundrum.

I noticed on the list that Olive Drab stood for Military Top/bottom……but did you have to BE in the military 
to flag it??  Hmmmm….I wondered.  My preference for military officers is well known…but did I have the 
right to display this color?  Was it reserved only for those in the service??

I called my buddy Eric – a fellow student of the Old Guard who is far more familiar with the hanky code 
than I……and posed my question.

“Hmmm….” He replied as he studied his copy of the Hanky code, “I’m not sure….I don’t think you have to 
be in the military to flag it….”

“Are you sure?” I asked.  I’d hate to commit a BDSM faux pas.  I could just imagine the emails from my 

“I’m fairly sure…” he replied.  “Besides – if somebody asks, you can just explain it’s your preference 
of submissives.”

Cool.  Add Olive Drab to my ever-expanding tail.

As I looked over the hanky code, I was amazed by the variety of ‘hankies’ that could be found – colors for 
just about anything you could imagine…..

Magenta for people with armpit fetishes.  Brown lace for those who prefer men who are ‘au natural’ 
(uncircumcised).  Red and white gingham for those who like to fool around in the local park.  Even mosquito 
netting for those who just like to do it anywhere in the great outdoors.   :)

Of course, all this flagging got me thinking.  What about folks into stuff NOT found on the official Hanky 
code?  How do they signal their preferences?

So I propose the following…..I ask you to please write your local gay Congressman to have these ‘new’ 
hanky codes officially recognized.




WORN ON RIGHT - bottom




Likes tacky crossdressers

Black fishnet

Tacky crossdresser

Likes to have feet worshipped

Shoe laces

Has a foot fetish

Likes to have boobs fawned over

Victoria’s Secret Bra

Has a breast fetish

Likes making large corporations submit

Push-up Bra

Has an Erin Brochovich fetish

Gothic devotee who has no idea why so many men are following him around on their knees

Black hanky and leather collar with 2” spikes

Gothic devotee who has no clue he’s flagging submissive for heavy S/m

Likes to pretend to be Sam

‘Cheers’ T-Shirt

Likes to dress up as Diane

Likes to blow money on greedy submissives


Looking for a ‘sugar daddy’

Likes to slather submissives in butter

Tin foil

Likes to play ‘baked potato’

Likes to do it on the carpet

Carpet sample

Likes rug burns

Massachusetts Pro-Domme

Garbage bag

Likes to visit Maine landfills

Paddleboro survivor

Wooden spoon

Attleboro police officer  wishing he had known about the place before the bust

Likes to be called ‘Kemosabe’

Black mask

Likes to play ‘Tonto’

Likes to impress with a big vocabulary

Webster’s dictionary

Gets turned on by big words

Likes to be ‘Grandma’

Crocheted doily

Likes Grandma’s milk and cookies

Harry Potter Fan

Black round rimmed glasses

Wants to be under a Top’s spell

Worshiper of Siegfield and Roy

Black and white tigers stripes

Worships any worshiper of Siegfield and Roy

Wants to find out who’s been naughty, not nice

Red and white fake fur

Wants to sit on Santa’s lap

Special orders DO upset us

Burger King Napkin

Likes it his/her way



Wants his dentist to think he brushes his teeth like he should


Dental floss

Likes unusual bondage

Peeping tom

Drapery material

Likes to be peeped upon

Likes to engage in pony play

Gumby doll

Likes to play Pokey

Cyber wannabee

Computer mouse

Cyber wannabee


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