Enema Play

By Mistress Ren

I had my first foray into enemas, yesterday.

Frankly, I hated every minute of it. Granted, there was no foreplay, no warm-up spanking, or dirty little ditties whispered in my ear - it was done in the freezing cold x-ray room of my local hospital. Somehow, I seriously doubt a little nipple twisting would have helped me enjoy the experience.

Enema play - inserting fluids into the colon (large intestine) by way of the rectum - is quite popular within the Alternative Lifestyle/BDSM scene. And for some reason I have yet to figure out, it appears to be far more popular with men, who both enjoy inflicting as well as receiving.

How popular are enemas? A Google search brought up a host of kink related sites before even getting to the medical ones. One enema enthusiasts site - www.enemaloversguide.com  - hosts a number of 'E-Fests' across the country, where enema lovers (called 'Klezmomaniacs') gather to celebrate the joys of warm water, and hoses and bags - oh my!

For those of you thinking "WooHoo!! That sounds GREAT!! I LOVE having something up my ass!"…..be prepared to experience far more than a 'butt-plug-like' feeling.

Enemas are typically used medically to either cleanse the colon of fecal matter, or to induce liquids - such as barium - that aid in the study of the intestinal walls. A flexible rubber nozzle - sometimes with a balloon attached to hold it in place - is inserted into the rectum, and secured. Then, anywhere from a quart to a half a gallon of fluid is induced into the body. Now the 'fun' begins!

As the fluid travels up and fills the large intestines, the urge to defecate increases. Abdominal cramps usually set in when you are unable to relieve the intestinal pressure…you break out into a cold sweat…you get nauseous…you begin to wonder if your intestines will burst internally or if you will suddenly begin gushing like Old Faithful…. But remember - you've got a stopper in place!- and this fluid isn't going anywhere until that balloon (or the nozzle) is removed!

Enema play in BDSM starts out the same, but takes a radically different turn, as pain, endurance, and humiliation are the keys to enema play. For folks who love enema play - and there are LOTS of them - the ability to endure the pain and please their Dominant partner is a great turn-on. For those who have weak sphincter muscles (or pretend to…), the humiliation of losing their bowels - and the subsequent punishment for doing so - is the payoff.

Back in the day, when I was in my submissive training, the first person I ever played with - a Dom visiting Boston from Atlanta - never let me in on his love of enemas until we met to play. Prior to our scene, my sadistic friend began pulling enema paraphernalia out of his toybag, and tried - unsuccessfully - to convince me of the joys of abdominal discomfort. At the time, I was working as a medical assistant in a pediatric gastroenterology office, where - among my many exciting duties - I was responsible for cleaning up after young patients who couldn't hold their barium. No amount of insistence on his part was going to convince me that I was in for a good time!

Enema play seems to really bring out the sadistic streak in some Dom/mes….some like to make their sub do housework with sloshing innards…some like to put their sub across their knee for a good spanking while the pressure builds. Some Dom/mes like to up the ante by removing the nozzle and balloon, thus requiring that the submissive do some really intense butt and sphincter clenching to keep from leaking! One story on www.enemaloversguide.com  talks about E-Fest attendees 'filling up' and riding a sybian to abdominal gurgling pleasure.

Personally, I find nothing erotic about this kind of pain or play… but, that's just me. To each their own kink….

Today - as I continue to race for the bathroom and finish emptying out my colon - I'm fondly thinking about the joy of needleplay, and how I can't wait for my next lab appointment. :)

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