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Several days ago I was asked to put on a class on using canes.  Since I am very uncomfortable in front of groups of people I quickly nixed that idea.  But it occurred to me, since I was approached, someone out there thought I had some knowledge to share.  One ironic thought came to mind. In the beginning of my exploration of BDSM I had never thought of a cane as an instrument I would enjoy. I t was forbidding, seeming to be the ultimate in punishment tools.  But as time went on I came to truly like canes.  Since I am a switch, I find I can appreciate their specialness them from both sides of the coin.  Canes are a wonderful tool to add to ones repertoire.  I am by no means an expert on the subject.  But thought that I would share info and a few things I have learned about canes. "

Canes have a history to them that is deeply rooted in Victorian society.  They are great in role playing.  How many of you haven't heard of the stern schoolmaster or mistress having to discipline a rebellious student?  For many folks the dress and demeanor of such scenes are as important as the actual act itself.  The look of a cane, slender and menacing, in anyone's hand certainly sets the authoritarian tone for what is to occur.  Canes can also be used in torture scenes.  Having the bottom of one's feet caned, bastinado, is nothing I am interested in; but I know there are those who are.  As with anything the fleshy bottom, and, depending on the person, the tops of thighs are made for caning.  My rule of thumb is do not strike above the crack of the buttocks with any instrument.  The coccyx is just above that and it can be possible to chip it with a heavy cane.  The meeting of the buttock and thigh aka the "sweet" spot is particularly tender to a cane.  Some call the cane the battery free vibrater since the sensations and stimulus often lead to arousal, from the inside out so to speak.

When I first got my chance to use a cane I practiced first on a pillow before I went to a real mortal.  A soft pillow would leave the indent of the cane so I could really see if I was hitting what I was aiming for.  Canes about 20 inches in length are easiest to control.  They are great to begin with.  Anything longer can get very whippy making it easy to wrap with it.  This is not a good hurt!  It does happen though even to the "experts".  I don't use a full arm swing when it comes to caning but most of the action is in the forearm.  This allows the stroke to land evenly leaving the nice even ladder marks so treasured.  Some may do it differently. I also strike a few times giving the receiver a rating of one to ten for intensity.  I even check the intensity level with my long term partner since we all process pain differently at different times.  Canes have a wave of sensation to them.  Therefore it is nice to space the next hit so the receiver can adequately process the feelings.

Canes also come in varying sizes of 1/4 inch to larger.  The largest cane I have is 5/8 inch thickness.  Why the differences?  Each cane has its own character.  The thinner the cane the more the sting.  The thicker the cane the thuddier it is but also the deeper the bruising.  There are also birch bundles and more severe Lucite or graphite canes.  The last two canes should be used with care since they can cut and severely bruise with little effort.  Interesting effects can be had with holding two canes of the same length and diameter to strike with at the same time.

On the sub/bottom side I like canes for several reasons.  The first and foremost is that it is the best in endorphin rushes for me.  My preferred position is prone with pillows under my midsection raising my butt in the air.  It makes a good target (not that my butt is tiny by any means :>).  The timing of a good caning is also important.  The slow methodical build up is part of the sensation.  After each strike the rolls of heat go up and throughout your body.  So to hit to soon again ruins the sensation.  So pace your strikes so the hits can be fully appreciated by the receiver.  What size cane to use starting out with is purely personal preference.  My partner and I usually start with a thinner cane and go up in size.  I have been so blissed out during a caning that I have been known to laugh!  Being restrained while caned does add to the sensation since there is nowhere to go physically.  Whether it is cuffed to whatever or partially saran wrapped the inability to wiggle away makes it, for me, that much more intense and satisfying.  To hear the swish of it before it strikes knowing in that split second that I am unable to get away and feel my body arch to meet the blow is a bit of a mind blower.  I always sleep very well after being caned.

On the Domme/top side I like canes for many of the same reasons.  I like the sound they make as they fall upon white unmarked skin.  I also like the marks left.  There is something that appeals to my aesthetic to see evenly spaced lines.  Canes can be intimidating to the sub harkening back to the use of authority to use such an instrument.  There is also a thrill of having sent someone out into space using this supposedly wicked item.  I have broken a cane across my partner's backside but have received only a blissed out "ooowwwww" from somewhere deep inside.  My response was a bit more verbal but we went onward.  (Male subs should be set up so their scrotum is protected from accidentally striking with a cane.)  I like telling him to "stick it out" or "rise up and meet" and watching him do so, knowing that there is both dread and eager anticipation of that blow. 

For more reading and more in-depth information there are several sites that are worth visiting.  Those are:

Domination Disciplinary Equipment  (there is a whole section on the various types and styles of discipline used for specific canes, history, care and the setting up of a scene.  There is some history as well as canes for sale. The sale part I have not done from this particular vender.) 

Sartan's Canes  (Sartan strikes again with another do it yourself section on canes.)  (Stories and other tales of caning by Old Tom and his pet)  (Another site on making canes)  ( How to on technique)

I have purchased most of my canes from  I am not saying they are any better or any worse then anyone else.  Being a frugal New Englander it is the price that appeals to me. 

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