CUFSmaine Membership Card FAQ


What's it good for?

         Not only does a free CUFSmaine card identify you as a CUFSmaine member, it has benefits!!!  A current CUFSmaine card will entitle you to discounts at certain retailers and e-tailers (subject to their terms and participation in the program)!  We are always looking for additional vendors who we can add to this list!  As this is written, we are negotiating with other outlets.  Current participants in the program include:


  • Photography by aleyna 
    Portrait, commercial, fine art, and digital photography and repair of treasured photos.  aleyna is also one of the leading BDSM photographers in the New England area!
    BDSM Site:
    10% discount on all services

  • Scribes of Gor Booksellers 
    Gor novels, along with other items of interest to John Norman and Gor fans.
    7532 Muirfield Dr.
    Portage, MI  49024-7828
    Phone:  269-329-4747
    Fax:  269-329-2008 
    10% discount - "To receive your CUFSmaine discount, you must supply your membership card number either in your email order, or the Shipping Information section of the PayPal checkout process.  If you have any questions, please contact the seller directly at

  • Domino's Designs  
        Handcrafted wooden handled floggers and more!
        10% discount

  • Video Expo, 
    Videos and BDSM toys
        666 Congress Street, Portland, Maine
        10% Discount

  • Midnight Boutique Lingerie, 
        Lingerie, leather, vinyl, pvc outfits, BDSM toys.
        571 Main Street, Lewiston, Maine
        10% Discount

  • Dark Garden
        Makers of fine custom corsets and corseted wedding gowns
        San Francisco, CA
        10% discount

  • R&R Designs, 
        Rubber whips, collars, weights and accessories
        Portland, Maine r&
        10% Discount when vending at CUFSmaine events

  • Leather Butterfly, 
        Leather lingerie and apparel
        Glendale, AZ
        10% Discount

  • The Portland Chandler,
        Quality candles for sceneing and scent.
        P.O. Box 7255, Portland, ME 04112 
        20% discount

    Devious Toys,
    Devious toys! 
        10% discount -- Put the organization name and card number in the "Any Special Instructions" 
        area of the shopping cart.

  • Hanson Paddle Co.,
        Beautiful paddles 
        10% discount on HPC produced items.

  • Purple Passion,
    Wonderful Fashions and toys.
        242 West 16th St.
        New York, NY  10011
        10% discount off all merchandise except magazines and books

  • Lace and Leather, Augusta, ME
        Terrific Lingerie, including larger sizes, very knowledgeable staff.
        Outer Hospital St.
        Chelsea, ME  
        Phone (207) 623-8099
        Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 11am-5pm, Closed Sunday
        10% discount on all clothing and selected floggers and restraints

  • Le Chateau Exotique, PA
        31A West Mechanic St.
        New Hope, PA  18938
        5% discount off all merchandise

In addition, a CUFSmaine card will get you into the semi-annual Fetish Fair and Fleamarket in Boston at a reduced admission!!  

Not only that, it will get you into the Maine B&D Shopping Spree for FREE!.


How do I get one?

        Become a member of CUFSmaine ($25.00 per year) and receive your discount card!


How long are they good for?

        The card are good for 1 year.  New CUFSmaine cards will have membership numbers, which will allow e-tailers and retailers who chose to do so to check with us for a current list of valid card numbers.


Why do e-tailers/retailers do this?   

        There are two reasons.  First, as a courtesy to the community.  CUFSmaine encourages safety, education, outreach and public acceptance, as well as being a social organization.  By helping CUFSmaine, retailers are helping newbies find the community safely, long standing members of the community connect with each other in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere, all members of the community to play safely, and helping acceptance of Alternative Lifestyle communities by the general population (yes, we know it's a long, slow, battle).

        Second, we will let you, the CUFSmaine members, know who these retailers are.  Not only are you getting a good deal, you are bringing business, hopefully repeat business, and advertising by word of mouth to retailers who care about the community.  Everybody wins! 


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