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A Quick Note Regarding BDSM Contracts:

BDSM Contracts are NOT legally binding!

Even if your partner signs a BDSM partnership contract, they are NOT enforceable in a court of law!

BDSM partnership Contracts are merely a written OUTLINE of partner expectations and CAN BE BROKEN at any time, by EITHER partner.


So called 'slave contracts' are NOT legally binding as slavery is ILLEGAL in the USA.

If you consider yourself a 'slave' in the lifestyle, it is considered a personal lifestyle choice and consensual relationship fantasy, but it DOES NOT exist according to law!

Any Partner who tells you that BDSM partnership Contracts are binding, and refuses to 'release' you from a BDSM contract is attempting to non-consensually control you! 

Know your rights!!


Sites with more information about BDSM Contracts:


Sample BDSM Contracts:

Sample Contract for 100% submission:  From the WizDomme Newbie Pack

Sample Contract - Temporary Contract:  From the WizDomme Newbie Pack

Sample Contracts for all Partnership Types  From BDSM Canada 

D/s and Master/slave Contracts  From the BDSM Circle

Iindenture Contract (for those who like to be a bit more 'historical) From the English Palace

Contract for Switchable Partners From Ambrosio's BDSM Site



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