All 'Men' Are Created Equally
(Or….Why I Don't Believe in Female Superiority)

By Mistress Ren
Copyright 2004

I've gotten a number of letters from male submissives over the years…some of which I kept and continued correspondence, and others of which I have immediately discarded. I have a fairly simple criteria for deciding which letters get placed into the 'round file' (the waste basket):

1) Any letters where a submissive describes - in porn star graphic detail - everything he wants done to him…right me or any of my Domme friends who may be willing should I be busy.

2) Any letters where submissives send pictures of their dick, and little else.

3) Any letters where they beg me to 'assist them in way their wife cannot.'

And lastly…

4) Any letters where men let me know that women are the superior sex, and they are firm devotees of 'Female Superiority.'

While numbers 1, 2, and 3 usually get me rolling my eyes in exasperation, it's number 4 that really irritates me. You see, I consider myself an independent, strong woman willing to fight for what I believe is right, and willing to stand up for myself when necessary - BUT…I do not feel I am 'superior' in any way to men.

Nor, do I feel I am inferior. I've lived on this earth quite a long time, and I'm fortunate enough to say that - as a woman - I've gotten a fair shake in this so called 'man's world.' I've never lost a job to a man, I've never been denied a chance at a proving myself in a man's job, and I've more than held my own in some arenas where men seem to reign - specifically as both an EMT and a Dominant.

When I ask men who believe in female supremacy what the draw is, they tell me that women are the most perfect of creatures, both in mind and body, and that alone makes them deserving of admiration and adoration. They also point out that women are the givers of life, and thus makes them 'god-like' and worthy of devotion. They also emphasize that women, by virtue of their sexuality, can bring a man to his knees and hold immense power over him, and that 'power' (in their minds) equates to respect.

The women I've spoken to who are involved in Female Superiority are …well…a bit blunter in their explanations. They feel that men are 'dogs' or 'pigs' who need a firm hand, as men are incapable of making decisions for themselves, and thus need a strong woman to 'straighten them out.' They point out that men are the weaker sex simply because they can be so easily controlled by a woman's body, and that they lack intelligence because they are willing to do just about anything in order to be Dominated or get laid.

While I do believe that each of the different sexes has distinct physical and emotional advantages (as well as disadvantages) over the other, I certainly don't believe that I hold superiority over a man simply by virtue of my indoor plumbing or my rack. Nor do I believe that every man ever created is worthless, lazy, an imbecile, or desperately in need of me to hold his hand while he breathes. I will admit that I have met my share of men who can be 'controlled' by a promise of sex or Domination - but I've met just as many woman can be 'controlled' with the promise of an afternoon in Victoria's Secret with an open-ended credit card.

Given what I've been told by devotees and divas alike, as well as my own interaction with those who claim to be Superior Females, my personal dislike of Female Supremacy stems from the expectation that unmitigated respect and unquestioned obedience are the key component of the adoration. While I feel we are all deserving of politeness and courtesy, respect must be *earned* and not expected as a given… my opinion, that is perhaps the ultimate in egotism. Respect - like submission - is a GIFT, and must be earned. The same goes for obedience.

In my conversation with a Female Superiority Domme prior to writing this piece, she asked me what I found rewarding about being just a 'plain old Domme.' I thought for a moment, then I replied that, for me, the reward came from knowing that my own submissive chooses to obey me out of earned devotion, mutual respect, and genuine caring for me as a person, as opposed to doing so out of demanded obligation.

I dare say that she looked a bit wistful.

Of course, there are male submissives who find the idea of a strong, demanding, superior woman to be the ultimate partner, and that is fine…each to their own. But for those of you who are currently penning letter to drop in my mailbox - please respect me for my intelligence, empathy towards others, accomplishments, and my skills - not my estrogen levels or the size of my tits. Otherwise, my submissive will constantly be busy emptying my wastebasket.


Copyright Mistress Ren, 2004

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