Deoes dating london escorts put a strain on your finances?

London escorts expense

I know that I am addicted to dating London escorts, but I just can’t help myself. It all started after I split up with my wife, and I ended up really lonely. At the time, I did not want to get involved with a woman again, so I ended up dating London babes. Not only are the girls the hottest girls in town, but all of the London escorts that I date, are also really nice girls. It would be fair to say that I enjoy their company as much as I enjoy their sexy companionship.

Since my divorce I haven’t really been able to get back on my feet. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of money in my divorce, and I have struggled ever since. I am suppose to be saving for my pension, but that is easier said than done. Most months I can’t put anything by – that is how bad my London escorts habit has gotten to be. Dating London escorts puts a serious strain on my finances, and I should really be seeking some help. I don’t want to talk about the problems with my friends down at the golf course, it would just be too embarrassing.

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London escorts are expensive

Why am I so driven to date London escorts?

There are days when I can’t understand my own behavior. It is like a drug and I just can’t stay away from dating girls, it is even hard for me to stay away from the website. Sometimes, I find myself sitting in front of my computer screen looking at girls. Each girl is sexier than the other one, and it is like I can’t wait to meet her. I even make up fantasy dates in work, and I am sure that some of my colleagues are wondering what is going on sometimes.

My behavior is that of a drug addict, but I don’t need to inject myself. My drug is sexy girls and dreaming about the many things that we can do when we are together.

London escorts and money

It is not cheap to date London escorts. I have had a little look at my finances, and I find that I am spending several thousands of pounds every month dating sexy ladies. Fortunately, I have a really good job so I can afford to spend the money on hot dates. Well, I shouldn’t be saying that, I can’t really afford to spend money dating hot girls. I should be focusing on saving for my pension. After all, part of what i accrued in pension before my divorce, will go to my wife. It seems stupid, but at the age of 52 I had to set up another pension plan. I agreed with my financial adviser that I should pay in a certain amount every month, but that just isn’t happening. Maybe I should tell him that I am spending it all on sexy dates.

London escorts and my needs

Since I met London escorts, I seem to be driven to fulfill my needs. I have all of these crazy, erotic fantasies coming into my head every other minute, and I am driven to fulfill them. The only way I can do so, is to date London escorts. These girls seem to be only too willing, and too happy, to help me act out my fantasies.

The truth is that I should seek help. I don’t know where all of these fantasies have come from, and some of them of them fascinate me. Every weekend, I spend time with some of the hottest babes at London escorts fulfilling my dreams and fantasies. A lot of them are role play scenarios, and the girls I meet like to participate in them. I keep wondering if something has gone wrong in my head. To be honest I am so obsessed by London escorts that I don’t even see my kids anymore.

How do I give up London escorts?

To improve my finances, I really need to give up London escorts. I have tried so many things myself. Spending more time on the golf course has not worked, and I was trying to be so organized about it. I went out and bought myself a whole load of new equipment, and even set up a lesson plan with the pro. At first, it seemed to work, but after the first round of lessons, my sweet London hot babes were calling me. I just had to go and see them, and so, the cycle started again. Now, I only play golf twice a week, the rest of my free time I spend making sure I have enough dates.

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London escorts are worth every penny

Should I tell my doctor about my London escorts habit?

The other week I had to go and see my doctor. As a matter of fact, I almost ended up telling him. My doctor has known me and my family for years, and I am sure that he would be able to help. He is a really nice guy, and maybe he could refer me to an addiction specialist. Honestly, I am beginning to think that I need professional help, and this is the only way I am going to be able to deal with my escorts habit. There is no way I can afford to keep dating London girls for the rest of my days. If I do, I will end up becoming a very poor man and not have an income in my retirement.

I don’t really understand myself at times, and I do worry. As a whole, I get on very well with regular ladies and they seem to enjoy my company. The problem is trust, I know it is. My wife left me for another guy, so I am finding it hard to trust women. I would love to see my kids and spend time with regular women. It may seem strange, but I can take a woman to the opera, but I can’t take her to bed. Getting turned on by the average woman is very difficult for me, and I am sure that this has become part of the problem. I think they call it getting a grip, that is exactly what I need to do.